Third Annual Hollywood Health Hike doubles down

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According to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 36.5 percent of Americans are clinically obese. That is a staggering number, more than one out of three people in our country and it is deadly and costly. It can lead to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even cancer.

I know this is not just theory because several years ago when I was well over 140 pounds overweight I was stricken with Congestive Heart Failure, Type 2 diabetes and yes even cancer. But although taken briefly beyond the edge of death I survived and became committed to declaring and winning my personal war against obesity. I am pleased to report that I have won. I am at prime weight and absent any symptoms of heart disease or diabetes and the cancer is also gone.

Capital Records Building

Then starting on my 70th birthday I was determined to take the message to as many people as I possibly can by instituting my annual “Hollywood Health Hike.” Please understand that this is not about money for none is required. No forms need to be signed, no entry fees are collected, it happens for one reason only and that is to clearly demonstrate that virtually anyone who wants to can rid themselves of this deadly epidemic disease we call obesity. How is it done?

Well each year on my birthday of April 30th I lead a hike of all who wish to join me from Burbank, California to Hollywood. The route is 14.2 miles and has ended twice at the Delphine Restaurant in the W Hotel in Hollywood. My first such hike was on my 70th birthday and had only two participants. Last year, for my 71st birthday the number increased to about a dozen folks including television and music legend Johnny Crawford, best known for his co-starring role in the TV program, The Rifleman.

Walking with friends including
Hollywood legend Johnny Crawford (left)

This year it is my 72nd birthday and I am doubling down. We will take the same route to Hollywood, but then after lunch we will continue on through the heart of Hollywood right through Beverly Hills and on to a final destination in Santa Monica — a total distance of about 29 miles. Why? Because if a 72 year geezer as well as many other folks can get up and move in order to avoid being obese, why don’t you follow that positive example? It is as simple as if we can do it and so can you. Obesity is far more a deadly disease of choice not chance.


TCL Chinese Theater

Here are the details for April 30th 2017.

  • We will depart from Kangan Water World in Burbank, California at precisely 8:30 a.m. Participants should arrive early because owner Harvey Branman has graciously agreed to supply all hikers with free Kangan purified alkaline water to maintain good hydration on the hike. Do please bring your own container.
  • At precisely 8:30 a.m. we shall depart and walk primarily on San Fernando Boulevard through Burbank and into Glendale, eventually reaching Los Feliz Boulevard. We will then take Los Feliz Boulevard to Western Avenue then on to Hollywood Boulevard until we reach the Delphine Restaurant where all who wish to do so may stay for lunch, but there is no obligation. Those who wish to stop there’re may do so and it is even right on top of a Metro Station making a return to Burbank simple.
  • For those continuing on to Santa Monica we will depart the Delphine at 1:30 p.m. and walk down Hollywood Boulevard right through the heart of Hollywood. You will see the Pantages Theatre, the Capital Records building, Hollywood and Highland, the Dolby Theatre where the Academy Awards ceremonies are held each year. You will see literally hundreds of stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame before eventually turning on to La Brea Avenue to connect with Sunset Boulevard.
  • On Sunset we will hike past many major Hollywood hot spots including The Guitar Center, The Laugh Factory, Carneys Restaurant, The Comedy Store, Mel’s Diner and Whisky A Go Go before reaching beautiful Beverly Hills.
  • We will transition Beverly Hills including a quick trip across the world famous Rodeo Drive before passing through Century City and moving on to Santa Monica finally arriving at a yet to be determined restaurant very near or on the Third Street Promenade. Then we shall sit and enjoy a respite from out 29-mile health hike.
The Laugh Factory

No fees are required but each participant is totally responsible for his or her expenses for meals and return transportation. The important thing to remember is that your participation helps set a very important example for those millions of our fellow Americans who remain in grips of deadly obesity. It will not bring either fame or fortune but it is truly a lot of fun and especially for anyone not from Southern California. It will most likely be one the most thorough and memorable tourist experiences you will ever have.

The Comedy Store

Yes this is four months away but maybe you need a little time to prepare. And as the day of the event draws closer I will keep all who have expressed interest informed on all of the final details. If you have an interest in joining me and others in this war against obesity and having one helluva lot of fun on this health hike please send me an email at:

You will receive regular updates and nothing more; no solicitations, no forms to fill out, no donations — just current information relating to the hike. There is one item you MAY purchase if you chose to do so but there is absolutely no requirement and that is your own copy of the tee shirt I have created for myself for this hike. If you wish to take a look at that you may do so HERE. But again no one is required to buy that shirt. Just do please join me in this critical war against one of the most prolific deadly diseases we face, the disease of obesity.

Oh just in case you need to prepare yourself for this wonderful event by shedding a few extra pounds you do have four months and you absolutely can do it with the help of THIS BOOK: That is not free, but it is only $12.95 which is way less than Intensive Care at your local hospital. See you at the hike.

The Whisky A Go Go

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Photos by Kari Irwin, except top photo
Top Photo: The Hollywood sign as seen from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (Claudia Gestro)