Three things you might not know about OWNR Wallet

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If you’re looking for a new cryptocurrency wallet there are a number of things that you need to consider, including great features, security, and compliance. Here, we look at three things you might not know about OWNR Wallet, a non-custodial, multi-currency, multi-platform wallet option, which shows how this app boasts everything you need.

OWNR Wallet has an asset autodiscovery feature

Setting up a new wallet can be a laborious task, especially if you have lots of assets sitting in a wallet elsewhere. However, OWNR Wallet have made this wonderfully simple with their asset autodiscovery feature. With this feature, you can restore an old HD wallet during your OWNR Wallet set-up, meaning that the app will locate and update all of your coins and tokens for you. This can be done no matter how long your old wallet’s seed phrase is, and means that you don’t need to spend time and effort updating all of your assets manually.

OWNR Wallet supports 11 coins plus ERC 20 and Omni Layer tokens, so you can be sure that all of your currencies will be included. Plus, should you wish to add new coins to your wallet, this can be done with a simple tap of a button. In addition to asset autodiscovery, OWNR Wallet’s unique continuous token discovery option means that your tokens will always be updated automatically as soon as they’re received by your wallet.

OWNR Wallet supports EOS

EOS is a coin that is different to the others as its blockchain has no mempool, meaning that transactions are instant. This difference means that many crypto wallets don’t support it, but OWNR Wallet does. EOS is an attractive currency thanks to its scalability and the fact that there are no network fees, so adding this coin to your assets can be particularly beneficial. Not only is OWNR Wallet one of the only cryptocurrency wallets to support EOS, but it makes it very easy for users to store and manage it too. Often, setting up an EOS account is very complicated, especially for beginners, but you can complete this in several simple clicks when using OWNR Wallet. In OWNR Wallet, you can set up your EOS account and manage transactions without the frustrations of having to switch between apps, which is a very rare feature to find.

OWNR Wallet are very compliant

Security is a big deal when working with cryptocurrency, and ensuring that the wallet you choose is compliant with necessary licenses is vital. To begin with, OWNR Wallet are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant. Gaining this compliance means meeting a list of criteria that all companies who accept, process, store, or transmit credit card information must meet to show that the service they are running is secure. This includes being able to protect cardholder data, regularly monitoring and testing networks, implementing strong access and control measures, and maintaining an information security policy.

More recently, OWNR Wallet have been granted an MSB (Money Services Business) license to sell cryptocurrency in the USA. Awarded by FinCEN (the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network), this license gives the holder the ability to engage in currency transmission services and foreign exchange in the United States. This MSB license is a legal benchmark, and now OWNR Wallet are applying for corresponding licenses for each state to ensure that they are fully compliant and can successfully expand their global presence.

When using OWNR Wallet, you can be confident that your assets are secure. As a non-custodial option, you are the only one who has access to your wallet using a 12 to 24-word seed phrase that only you will know. You can also choose to protect this seed phrase with a password of your choice, and a pin code, face ID, or touch ID can be added for extra security once you’re in the app.

Who are OWNR Wallet?

Based in Estonia and established in 2018, OWNR Wallet offer a cryptocurrency wallet that’s suitable for everyone from beginners and businesses to developers and traders. Supporting 11 coins and boasting a very user-friendly interface, OWNR Wallet make storing and managing cryptocurrency really easy. To find out more, or to download OWNR Wallet for yourself, visit today.