Remi Landau Explains How the Coronavirus Pandemic is Changing Fashion

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The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has impacted nearly every aspect of life, especially business. One industry, in particular, that is changing due to COVID-19 is fashion. Designer Remi Landau from New York City recently shared with an interviewer how the pandemic is transforming the fashion world this spring.

Question: Are fashion designers still focusing on creating clothes right now, or are they forced to halt their operations in the current COVID-19 environment?

Remi Landau: Fashion designers today have shifted their focus from clothes to essential items, like sanitizer. I know this because my father’s best friend is creating it. Specifically, he’s creating luxury hand sanitizer that will be available throughout stores such as Versace, LVMH, Gucci, etc., with a “Versace” label on it. I think you get the point. The fashion and retail world will be completely different after we come out of this.

Question: What other items will fashion brands be producing that they weren’t producing before COVID-19 struck?

Remi Landau: Designer masks have become a big deal because of the coronavirus, but interestingly enough, they were actually already popular long before COVID-19. In fact, you’d see quite a few masks on runways in Fall 2019 and Winter 2019. I’m talking about protective masks but also the carnivalesque type of face mask. So, masks are an example of something that was already oozing onto the high-fashion scene and now will likely pick up steam in the months ahead.

Question: How do you think the coronavirus will impact people’s personal styles going forward?

Remi Landau: I think personal styles will experience a rebirth once we’re through the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic. After all, people are going to be excited to finally go out again. People will be excited to dress up not only on Sundays but every day, and they’ll be eager to show off their styles to the world. Like I said earlier, the fashion industry will look different in the future in some respects (e.g., selling sanitizer and masks), but it will still remain a vibrant industry because personal expression through clothing is so important to many people.