Too bad about the Space Force

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Whenever you see an ad to enlist in our military, it already looks like a trailer for a sci-fi action movie. Or a video game.

Now what?

Battlestar Galactica with a dash of James T. Kirk?

Couldn’t He have waited until the Twenties to sign our new branch of military, our Space Force, into existence?

We don’t even have any spaceships that work yet.

Maybe we could lease something from the Russians as we do to get to the International Space Station.

Or Uber.

Shouldn’t we have our own Space Station if we have a Space Force?

Historians will look back on Him and forget all the questionable behavior He did and anoint him as the man that gave us Space Force.

Safeguarded our satellites for Commerce and Defense.

Defended our nation against alien invasion. With or without a fence. Or a wall.

Incoming asteroids and shape shifters from other dimensions.

Didn’t the Air Force and NASA already have this?

I just don’t see young starry-eyed men and women lining up to become Space Cadettes.

Starry eyed, of course, besides score well on gaming.

Space cadettes?

Just doesn’t sound bad ass.

Our air space and now?

To defend, what, our space space? Is it really ours?

All of space?

Then what? Create another branch for the Moon, the Inner Planets, the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, ultimately for mining and recreation?

The Solar System at large. The Galaxy. Then, the ultimate goal: the entire Universe.

LIDAR doesn’t lie.

Either does any other real-time telemetry and surveillance.

Unless it portends anthropogenic climate change. At least with this POTUS.

Space Force.

Is the ultimate goal: The Multi-Verse?

Or is the EU doing that already at CERN?

Or the entirety of Time and Space period.

Didn’t the Founding Fathers mention that? We hold these truths to be self-evident. The Universe is ours baby.

Illustration by Jeff Worman