Trump gets even lower in his war on brown people

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We should never ask just how low this racist president and his equally racist administration can go when it comes to immigrants and asylum seekers. In their war on brown people, the Trump Administration has put children, including babies and toddlers, in cages, separated from their parents. They have forced children (and adults) to go without bathing and toothpaste — and even tried to justify the practice in federal court! — they have fed these small children expired food, forced children to take care of the much younger babies and toddlers, fellow children they didn’t know before they were forced into over-crowded cages.

The list of how low Donald Trump and his own Joseph Goebbels, Stephen Miller, will go to inflict pain and suffering on the most defenseless members of the immigration population. And yet the Trump Administration found a way to go even lower still: They are forcing sick kids who are immigrants out of the country, even though they have been here legally under the medically deferred action program. Kids with diseases and conditions like cancer, Cystic Fibrosis, cycle cell anemia and congenital heart conditions to name a few.

The programs allow children to receive government funded health care and allows their parents to work (and pay taxes) while the kids are receiving treatment. These are legal, productive members of society.

The Boston Globe and other news outlets have reported that families with sick children received letters from the government telling them they had to leave in 33 days or face deportation. In essence, giving many of the children a death sentence.

Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey told the Associated Press, “This is a new low. Donald Trump is literally deporting kids with cancer.”

There’s a reason the Trump Administration didn’t publicize this action. How do you justify giving children death sentences?

Or the policy Trump wants to institute that would deport the undocumented spouses and children of military personnel, including those deployed to war zones. Right now those spouses are protected by a policy called “parole in place” that allows them to stay in America.

Then there are the Twitter attacks on Puerto Rico, which just dodged a bullet with Hurricane Dorian. There’s a good chance the storm will make landfall on Trump’s precious Mar-A-Lago. That would be a beautiful irony if it didn’t hurt so many others.

Yet another interesting irony: energy companies, like big oil companies, are calling out the president for relaxing EPA standards for methane gas emissions.

The worst of Trump’s week though is kicking sick children out of the country. Makes one afraid to ask how much lower can this guy get? He keeps finding room to be even more cruel. Eventually someone is going to call his Southern Border immigration policies what they are: crimes against humanity.