Trump is just getting started

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For anyone who thinks Trump’s act has run on long enough, I hate to break the news to you — he is just getting started. Now that the midterm elections are over, Trump has sent a very loud signal he is going to make life a living hell for anyone he sees as a threat to his reelection or the possibility of him heading to prison.

Democrats didn’t even get the chance to feel a hangover from celebrating their huge victory in the House. Trump made sure of it by threatening to investigate any Democrat who he pretty much despises. Let’s just say it was his way of group messaging Nancy Pelosi and company not to fuck with him the next two years.

Former A.G. Jeff Sessions (YouTube)

If Democrats are smart, they will hold off a bit and continue to let Trump implode. If they go too far too soon with their investigations and stone walling Trump’s attempts at legislation, 2020 will amount to an election painting Democrats as obstructionists. They need to pick real battles that demonstrate they are the party of the future while Trumps is, well, the party it is, one of hate, fear, and ignorance.

Next up, Trump canned his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, aka Mr. Magoo. Trump couldn’t wait any longer after losing the House the day before to let his anger out on someone he was counting on to bail him out of an FBI investigation.

Trump replaced him with a loyalist who has criticized the Mueller investigation publicly, especially on CNN using President Trump’s words, like “witch hunt” to describe the Special Prosecutor’s investigation. He said on CNN the special counsel’s office could be squeezed by taking away its funding.

Mathew Whitaker hasn’t even been confirmed by the U.S. Senate for a principle officer post in the Justice Department,  so many Constitutional scholars — liberals, moderates and conservatives alike, including Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George T. Conway — say Trump’s appointment of Whitaker is illegal and unconstitutional. Whitaker says he has no plans of stepping down or even recusing himself from overseeing the Mueller investigation.

From there, Trump held a press conference that was more like a personal attack on the freedom of the press. I suppose the First Amendment is one of Trump’s complaints about the Constitution getting in his way of doing business. Anyway, he accused a black reporter of being racist, claimed he has never used racist remarks, and then attacked Jim Acosta of CNN.

At one point, a flustered and pissed of Donny stepped to the side of the lectern and pointed a finger toward Acosta and seemed as if he wanted to go after him. Then he looked over his shoulder and realized his secret service was not about to step in and back him up so it was back to the safety of the lectern where he ranted about fake news, why CNN should be embarrassed, and I think something about wanting an extra-large Diet Coke.

Not satisfied, Trump then revoked Acosta’s White House credential which is his way of saying Jim is fired when in fact, he isn’t. Guns are not dangerous, but apparently a reporter’s question is.

All the while, since the midterm results came in (and keep coming in), Donny boy found a way to squeeze in more than a little time in the tanning booth. His orange face was highlighted with raccoon white eyes, which will be a lot of fun for his haters to use when they post memes of Tan Man. Seriously, how drunk was Melania when she got knocked up by that Orange pecker head?

At the rate Trump is going, there may not be anything left in this country but smoldering ashes come the first Wednesday morning in November 2020. If the midterms have taught us anything, Trump is going to take as many people down with him in 2020, figuring if he can’t rule this nation, no one else will have one left to rule. I just hope he doesn’t destroy all the tanning booths.

Top photo is a YouTube screenshot of President Trump squaring off with CNN’s Jim Acosta