Trump Is The America We Live In

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People are obviously free to express themselves in any way they like. However, it strikes me as odd the hypocrisy of those who plan to boycott Trump’s inauguration because they claim he does not represent Americans. He may not represent the America you or I want, but he is going to be the next POTUS and this didn’t happen because he does not represent America.

Eight years ago, if the GOP refused to attend Obama’s Inauguration, they would have been labeled as racists or at the very least sore losers. Why is it that now the left is doing so in increasing numbers they are viewed as heroes?

I get it, the guy pisses off a ton of people, but Trump is the end result of the America we live in, like it or not. You can claim he won the election because of Putin and the Russians, but seriously, does anyone know of any voter who has said they changed their vote because of Putin? No. They changed it because of the information about Clinton and the DNC that was released, information neither wanted voters to know about and information voters had a right to know. Politics ain’t pretty and Trump found a way to actually get down and dirtier than Clinton.

So what happens Friday when Trump is sworn in? I prefer to wait and see what happens and pass judgment on his presidency based on facts and not the fears being driven by countless people. To claim he is going to be another Hitler or strong-arm dictator just shows a lack of faith in our political system or ignorance to how it operates. The tanks are not rolling down Main Street, USA any time soon so simmer down, take a Xanax, and just chill a bit.

The best thing people who do not like Trump can do is organize themselves into a more cohesive voting block and find a candidate who offers us more than the same old BS Hillary offered and who does not carry a ton of baggage. Screaming and venting on social media is just helping the guy because he thrives on discord. It just supports his belief, and who knows, maybe even his desire, to take control and rid America of the same suspicious element that drove Nixon to being run out of office.

Voters will grow tired of Trump’s nonsense, but they also grew tired of the liberal left’s. Half the eligible voters stayed home last fall because they wanted something better than we were being offered. They won’t come around to the left because of the whining and crying over the kind of person Trump is. They need more convincing than that.

At the same time, remember, Trump’s numbers are so low now, with each success, or perceived success he has, those numbers will go up, which will make defeating him in another four years more challenging. Remember Reagan asking to re-elect him if your life was better as a result of his first term?

As president, Trump will yield a lot of control over the information we are privy to. We will not need a media that dwells on alleged groping or bankruptcies nearly as much as it will on actual failed policies and distorted presidential claims of success. It will mean voters will need to step away from the sensationalism the media thrives on and demand more specific information on the more mundane issues that really affect us.

If the economy grows at a faster rate than it has under Obama, if we are not bogged down in wars, and if Trump restores our image abroad as Reagan did, many who chose not to vote this time around will help re-elect him. Trump and his team are smart, if not devious, people and will be able to identify areas they can succeed at that Obama or Democrats have failed. It will require a better-informed voter to point out where he has failed as a leader without making personal attacks. Trump will always win when the mud is thrown.

So my advice, which is free and worth every bit the price, is to hold him and his cabinet accountable for what they do over the next four years. Forget their net worth, forget their past, and focus on where they take us and lets see if that is enough to bring about someone new in 2020.

In the mean time, remember, the more you rely on the elite left, Hollywood and the major media, to drive your message, the more the left will remain out of touch with middle America and they are the people who elected Trump.

Photos from YouTube — Top photo: President-Elect Donald Trump shaking hands with President Barack Obama right before the inauguration