Trump kicks off 2020 campaign

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It seems like just yesterday our president was running for office and offending Megyn Kelly with his remarks. Now he has kicked off his re-election campaign in Orlando with a message pretty much the same as it was four years ago.

Bernie Sanders is back at it as well with basically the same message and having to wonder if the DNC has already decided on who else to run against Trump.

Joe Biden has decided now is the right time for him even if it wasn’t four years ago when he was Obama’s popular VP. Like our president, he sports a great tan, but his silver hair and slender physique sure makes him more photogenic.

The polls are telling us Trump is in trouble. The unemployment rate say he is the best thing since segregation (his beliefs, not mine). Tweets, clap backs, accusations, denials, lies, promises (is there a difference when you run for office?), Russians, immigration, and dirt.

Other than Hillary being out of the picture (unless you attend a Trump rally and he brings her up again), it feels like 2016 all over again.

The lone exceptions this time around is Trump is the incumbent who must run on a record rather than a slew of crazy promises, and instead of the Supreme Court being the main concern I had in 2016, this time around it is the Census.

If Trump wins re-election, he not only will screw up the nation’s courts with more additions to the courts, he will destroy voter representation with the upcoming 2020 census. In other words, long after he is gone after his ten years in office (remember, he believes he is owed two extra years and will want them if re-elected), our federal courts will be more conservative than any time in my life and inner city minority representation in Congress will be replaced with greater, well, basically, backward thinking white representation.

Worse, we will have that many more young Americans who will know nothing but Trump as being normal and who will be voting soon enough. They will believe stuff like separate drinking fountains, white only schools, women and minorities as second class citizens, and American greatness as going backwards in time while the rest of the world marches forward. Our nation will be screwed.

Like the Orlando Sentinel, let me say I am fully supportive of whoever runs against this ass hat who poses as our president. Whoever that person is has their work cut out because while we can vote out Trump, we can’t fix the level of ignorance and hypocrisy that fills the heads of people who blindly support this guy. You see, Donald Trump is not the problem nearly as much as the 35 percent or so of the population that sees him as a political savior.

Worse, these are people who see him, as well as themselves, as God fearing Christians who somehow support his form of hate and call it love of country. There is no arguing with these folks because they are incapable of seeing their own twisted logic. They justify everything disgusting the president does with child-like arguments along the lines of, “Well, so and so started it.” When did first graders earn the right to vote?

Normally, I would laugh at all of this and enjoy watching a politician like him fall from grace. The problem is, he has yet to fall and most likely never will.

Look what George H.W. Bush’s “No new taxes” promise cost him. How many promises has Trump failed to come close to delivering on, even when his party controlled both houses of congress? Where is that wall Mexico was going to pay for? Where is our better health care program? The rich are paying fewer taxes than at almost any time in my life. Are we done fighting any wars? Has he drained any swamp or has he just filled it with a newer and fouler stench? Has he been the working president as promised or has any of his supporters checked out the tab they are paying for his golf game?

And while I am ranting on the smoldering pile of refuse in the Oval Office, let me also remind you when he is voted out next year, this nation will still have the likes of Mitch McConnell, Sarah Sanders, Kellyanne Conway, Jared Kushner, and the Stooges, Trump Jr. and Eric, along with a host of other Republicans who sold their souls out of cowardice instead of standing up to their president.

Remember, 90 percent of the members of our Senate and House get re-elected. This nation will have far too many Trumpaholics to move us forward in any positive direction when their guy leaves office (more likely after he burns the White House to the ground before flying off to another country).

I have no rallying cries for people who are sitting on the fence who might end up swaying the next election. Some are too young to know Trump as anyone other than what they have seen the last few years. I’ve had 35 years of seeing this guy in action. I learned who he was about the same time I learned who Oprah Winfrey was. You either see one as a better human being, more compassionate than the other, one with a greater desire to help all people overcome the challenges they face, and one more reflective of American values. Or you don’t.

If you have a problem with someone like Oprah Winfrey, you will vote for Trump. If you admire a person like her, you will vote for whoever the Democrats run next year. If you are undecided, for crying out loud, grow some common sense.

2020 is here. Trump actually has a record to run on (and perhaps a criminal one to run from). Has he delivered on his promises or is he making excuses, pointing fingers, and promising bigger and better lies than he was when he had no political experience? You know the answers, now are you willing to do something to make a positive difference for our future and to correct the mistake we made in 2016?

Top photo is a YouTube screenshot of President Trump in his Il Duce pose