Trump victory has meaning for the millions that voted for him

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Suddenly, the secret supporters of Donald Trump or so they claim, are crawling like teeming termites out of every rotting wood-work in the Republican Party.

Suddenly the swarms of lice called media political pundits are stroking their jaws with their usual thoughtful dignity – all the more to hide their empty, conformist and thoughtless brains.

GOP apparatchiks and the Talking Heads are both desperately trying to respond to the victory of a man whom they have always sneered at, belittled and despised.

How did it happen?

Anyone who has bothered to read these columns will know that I at least am not surprised. I have been predicting Donald Trump’s rise ever since he threw his hat in the ring a year ago.

Trump alone among Republicans dared to challenge the Free Trade orthodoxies that have destroyed the US economy and blighted the lives of hundreds of millions of ordinary Americans over the past half century.

Trump and Bernie Sanders alone among American political leaders had the vision and the courage to be different – and to reject half a century of mediocre lies and liars prancing around in the ludicrous delusion that they were “thoughtful intellectuals” and “great statesmen.”

Now Trump has made it to the top of the Republican Party, a greasy pole (to quote Benjamin Disraeli) if ever there was one.

Now the fearful placemen who comprise the GOP Senate and House majorities recognize they must hang in with Trump, or politically be hanged without him.

Do not rule out any possible inconceivable treachery or plot before Trump is officially anointed in Cleveland in July.

Also do not rule out mass riots, not by a splintered Republican party (It is coming together behind Trump remarkably fast) but by disruptive elements egged on to violence and worse by the old Republican and Democratic Party establishments.

But Cleveland might even go relatively smoothly. Trump’s substantive policies have a lot of genuine appeal to the working class white and black young men alike whom the GOP and Dem elites have left to rot over the past 35 and more years.

As I predicted in my book Cycles of Change (Amazon-Kindle, 2015) a new era demanding new political and economic answers, and new philosophies and values is now needed in American life. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have articulated the first of those necessary answers – far more clearly and far more quickly than I had dared to hope.

The Times are Changing.

From New York City to Indiana Republicans and Democrats alike see this clearly.

Not one of Donald Trump’s endless accusers has dared to challenge the substantive policy issues he raises. All they do is hurl the usual mindless abuse at him.

It is time to outsource the pundit columns of the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, the Wall Street Journal alike – you name it. Not to India or China, but to Baltimore, South-Central LA, East St. Louis, Gary, Indiana, Rochester, New York, you name it.

The great unfolding Crisis of Change has not ended. It has only just begun.