Trump vs Sanchez: Problem vs problem

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So U.S. Representative and California Senate hopeful Loretta Sanchez has an issue with Donald Trump hosting Saturday Night Live. She claims having him host is no different than someone yelling “fire” in a movie theater and puts lives at risk. Sanchez is another example of how the far left wants it both ways.

As the representative for California’s 46th district, Sanchez is pretty much lock stock and barrel in line with the most liberal-oriented agenda. She sees nothing wrong with allowing 11 million people who are here illegally being granted citizenship, or receiving perks like health care, driver’s licenses, and free education in the mean time. As a Hispanic, she is all about handing our nation over to people who came here illegally and sees nothing wrong with them having done so.

However, allowing NBC and the staff of SNL to have the controversial Trump host a show is going too far. She and her constituents do not like Trump’s desire to deport all 11 million illegals or to build a wall and make it more difficult for them to enter here illegally. She feels this is encouraging racist behavior toward Mexicans regardless of the fact many Americans, maybe even a majority, support tighter immigration control.

What is more racist, wanting to control our border and keep people from entering illegally or using a disparaging gesture to describe Native Americans, something Sanchez was blasted for doing shortly after declaring her intent to run for Barbara Boxers senate seat.

Sanchez, and others who are to the far left really believe it is okay to censure anyone and everyone who goes against their ideals of political correctness. They have no problem with the First Amendment as long as they agree with what the person has to say. However, as soon as a candidate like Trump comes along and espouses views counter to theirs, they instantly label them as racists and threaten others with the same label if they give him a public forum.

This is also why people who come out and opposes the Black Lives Matter movement or supports the actions of white police officers are labeled the same but when a group of color riots, loots, and burns a city, it is strictly because of the injustices done to them and is never racially motivated.

Have I been offended by some of the things Trump has said?  Yes, but he has a right to say them, just as I believe people like Loretta Sanchez have a right to respond. The problem I have is how both of these people are only interested in a divide and conquer mentality which only further leads to the stalemate that exists in Washington DC.

The American voter needs to wake up and look at candidates more based on their character and less on their politics. Is the person you intend to vote for likely to sit down and work with people who see things differently than they do or are they the type to label, trash, and instill fear?

We need more politicians who are less concerned about being re-elected and more concerned with getting things accomplished. While we need to allow people like Loretta Sanchez to voice her hypocrisy and people like Trump to voice his empty promises, we also need to tune these people out and look more closely at those who are most likely to work with people on the other side of the aisle.