World Series videos revisited

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If you’re a little sad the World Series is over — if the New York Mets had won Game Five and Six, tonight would be Game Seven — we would like to extend it a little bit, putting our close on the 2015 MLB season with our videos from Claudia Gestro, who covered all five games.

David Wright, the New York Mets team captain, said after Game Five, “We got out-played.”
David Wright, the New York Mets team captain, said after Game Five, “We got out-played.”

It started in Kansas City, Missouri and came to another thrilling end in Queens, New York City, New York. The Kansas City Royals won the World Series, capitalizing on the mistakes of the Mets; both pitching and fielding.

If Daniel Murphy had fielded that ball cleanly in Game Four; if Mets Manager Terry Collins had put his closer in to start the 9th inning of Game Five … in Game Two Johnny Cueto was just too good for the New York bats. In Game One the homerun by Alex Gordon in the 9th to tie the game and send it to five extra innings; Jeurys Familia had been such a dominating closer throughout the postseason, but he gave up that one homerun that let the Royals back in the game.

The World Series pits the best against the best and baseball fans were the big winners in this 111th Fall Classic, even if it was only five games.

Some firsts: It was the first World Series to feature teams that were never segregated. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947 with the Brooklyn Dodgers, but this was the first time two post-expansion-era teams — two teams that joined the major leagues after the game was desegregated — were in the World Series. It was also the 10th time an expansion team won the Fall Classic.

Paulo Orlando of the Kansas City Royals
Paulo Orlando of the Kansas City Royals

Now, it is a professional sport that is truly global, with players from around the world, especially Latin America. For instance: the first rookie to make his major league debut in a World Series: Raúl A. Mondesí, son of former Dodger Raúl Mondesí, got into Game Three as a pinch hitter, striking out to Noah Syndergaard.

The first Brazilian to play in the World Series: Paulo Orlando. After Game Five he was asked if this would be big news in Brazil. Orlando laughed and said, “Yeah!” You can hear his comments in Claudia’s Game Five video.

So we present all five videos here for you to view, with comments from various players and the managers, including series MVP Salvador Perez. Plus exclusive interviews, including one with legendary baseball scout Art Stewart.

(Photos and video by Claudia Gestro)