VelSEOity Discuss How To Spot A Fake Review

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With so many companies relying on social media reviews and third-party reviews, it’s easy to get spammed by fake reviews.

With many business’ reputations at stake – the purchasing of fake reviews is very common according to Cormac Reynolds from According to him, spotting patterns in the reviews for a business can really help an individual decipher whether or not a review is fake.

We discussed it with him and here are a few ways to spot a fake review and prevent a huge disaster.

1. A fake review will be strongly against other reviews on the site. For instance, if there are a lot of 1-star reviews mentioning poor quality or service, a 5-star review saying the exact opposite is fake.

Such a fake review, would definitely attack the other 1-star reviews on the site. For instance, the review might mention how unfair it is that people have given 1 star. No one else has the time or interest in defending a business online unless they have an ulterior motive.

2. A fake review is usually written by a profile without any other reviews. Also, the reviewing profile could have a lot of unrelated reviews across the country or globally. Note that, people love reviewing as a hobby or habit. Therefore, a reviewing profile with just one review is not genuine.

Also, it’s quite unlikely that a genuine reviewer will leave a review in one country and go-ahead to review an ice cream shop in another part of the world. Genuine reviewers will review a collection of local places or areas they find during their travels. Be on the lookout for fake reviewing profiles before they tarnish your company or product online and require you needing reputation management

3. A fake review is usually written without a photo or any details on the product. Genuine reviewers who love the hobby will take time to create a genuine profile. Therefore, if there is nothing on the reviewing profile, it’s definitely fake. Also, if the reviewer is based in a different country and reviewing a local shop, it is not plausible.

4. A fake review will also be poorly written. There are many freelancers who offer reviews to businesses on freelancing sites. Most of these freelancers are not native English speakers. Such fake reviews will be awkwardly written with grammatical or spelling errors present. It’s definitely a good rule of thumb to help you weed out fake reviews on any profile.

5. Finally, fake reviews are vague. The reviews are usually ambiguous and can be used on any product without giving specifications. Simple reviews like mentioning ‘I love this’ or ‘this is great’ are often fake. Reviewers will leave positive reviews if they feel a connection with the product. You will be able to feel the passion in their wording.

Use these tips to spot fake reviews and avoid bad PR for your product or company online!