Use mind power to get more organized in life – Useful tips from Jonah Engler

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The mind, when trained well, can be your best friend! However, not many of us walk that path. Most of us think or have heard that humans can’t control anything. That makes them not explore the mind and learn about their abilities to make life more organized, fruitful, and successful.

Are you someone who finds it challenging to focus on a given thought? Do you struggle to have clarity in decision-making? If yes, then you aren’t using your mind power adequately to your advantage. Jonah Engler, an ardent believer in the power of the mind, shares some interesting and simple ways to get organized.

Jonah Engler uses mind power in daily life

Before you start harnessing the mind’s power to get clarity, organize, and attain the goals, you need to know the fundamental nature of your mind. For centuries, sages, scholars, writers, authors, therapists, and scientists have been mystified by the mind’s life-transforming capacity. The mind counts on practice to form its habits, which governs your entire life. Hence, an untrained mind is often a house of confusion, chaos, lack of clarity, and focus. When you work on the mind, you can start to plant the best habits and allow it to grow and work in your favor.

A few ways in which you can boost your mind power are:

1. Have a morning and night ritual to amplify mindfulness

The morning and night hours are the best time to plant mindful habits. When you get up to try to practice chanting, deep breathing, or a guided meditation for five to ten minutes, it will help you to get grounded, centered, and focused. You can make a list of the things that you need to do in the day and go about it. At night, before going to sleep, you can say a prayer and or write a personal thank you note. It will also help you practice gratitude, which can keep you motivated in your life.

2. Write your plans and tentative completion time

Get into the practice of writing down the goals you want to achieve throughout the day and set a completion time. It will help you attain more goals in a day. There can be lapses and delays. However, if you have more delays, try and get to the source of the issue. If it’s your mind that caused a distraction, create stricter deadlines, and train your brain to stay committed at accomplishing the target during working hours.

3. Use affirmations daily

Affirmations are a great way to get more organized. Simply put, it comprises a sentence containing positive words describing a specific aim or goal or reality that you want to manifest. For instance, if you want to stay focused, you can affirm that “I have unwavering focus.” Repeating affirmations anytime during the day allows your mind to follow the suggestion you’re making through the words and execute the same action.

These are the three simple and easy ways to tap into your mind power to get your life organized. You can keep track of your progress and make the necessary changes accordingly.