What Are The Most Common Injuries in Pedestrian Accidents?  

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When people grow up, they are told to look both ways before they cross the street. While it is important for everyone to be as safe as possible when they are anywhere near a road, it is critical for drivers and pedestrians to note that the pedestrian always has the right of way. Pedestrians move much slower than vehicles and do not have any protection, unlike a car. While pedestrians should do their best to use a crosswalk, they still have the right of way even if they are crossing without one. Sadly, pedestrian accidents are common. Sometimes, these accidents take place because drivers didn’t see the person crossing the street. Maybe the pedestrian is a child who simply doesn’t know any better. In other cases, pedestrians might not look both ways before stepping out into traffic. Regardless, all pedestrian accident injuries are serious. It is important for people to know about the most common pedestrian injuries.

One of the most common pedestrian injuries someone might suffer is a hip injury. If a sedan strikes an adult who is crossing the street, particularly from the side, the bumper tends to impact adults as the level of the hip. Sometimes, pedestrians suffer a hip fracture. In other cases, they might end up with a broken pelvis. Because there are numerous nerves and blood vessels that might be damaged in a pedestrian accident, many of these injuries require surgery.

Often, pedestrians will suffer a head injury as well. When cars strike pedestrians, they may strike their head on the hood of the car or the pavement when they hit the ground. This could lead to something called a traumatic brain injury. This could include a skull fracture, a brain bleed, or a cerebral contusion. In some cases, these head injuries might even lead to long-term complications.

Finally, some pedestrians could suffer knee injuries in an accident. While many car bumpers rise to the level of the hip, some cars sit lower to the ground. This could place the front of the car at knee level. There are numerous knee injuries that someone could suffer. These might include a torn ligament, such as an ACL, or even a dislocated patella. Often, knee injuries from pedestrian accidents require surgical repair. This could lead to a year or more of physical therapy as well.

These are a few of the most common injuries that pedestrians might sustain if they are struck by a motor vehicle. It is critical for anyone involved in a pedestrian accident to seek medical care as quickly as possible. The sooner people receive the medical care they need, the faster they will recover.