What Can You Buy with Bitcoin?

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As you may know, Bitcoin is one of the most popular digital currencies out there, and that’s for a good reason. You may not know what else you can do with Bitcoin aside from holding it as an investment. For that reason, we have compiled a guide on what you can buy with Bitcoin.


You may not know that you can actually pay for some vacations through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This will be mainly through travel companies, but there will be some hotels that will accept, as well as various airlines.

In fact, many major airlines are now starting to accept cryptocurrency to pay for a flight. This means that if you have some crypto around, you will be able to pay off a part of your holiday without accessing your main funds.

If you manage to pay your vacation off from the airline to the hotel, then your main bank account has been left alone. There are advantages to this, but you should still ensure you are getting a good deal and know the price of Bitcoin when purchasing a package.

Gift Cards

You may not be aware that you can purchase various gift cards with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some marketplaces and platforms are streamlined for this purpose. For example, you can visit Paxful and buy an Amazon gift card with Bitcoin in a few simple steps, allowing you to get your card as soon as possible. As Paxful is a peer-to-peer marketplace, you can choose who you purchase from and who you sell to and see the feedback of the individual you’re trading with.

Purchasing gift cards with Bitcoin is useful as it allows you to make purchases globally in a neutral market. As you may know, selling cryptocurrency flat means you will pay taxes of some kind. However, purchasing and trading gift cards is a non-taxable event, so you can save some money smartly.

Purchasing gift cards with bitcoin is a more private transaction, meaning you can trade more anonymously. With purchasing gift cards, you won’t need to upload your ID for most websites and sellers, so you can trade in the way you like.

Video Games

Video games have evolved a lot in the last five years. As you can imagine, that means the video game industry over a decade ago was almost unimaginable. Nowadays, most gaming is done without physical discs being needed, and how people purchase and play video games has also changed.

You only have to look at Microsoft’s introduction of the Xbox Game Pass to see this in action. They made a subscription model allowing gamers to pay a small monthly fee to access hundreds of titles instantly. This also included the price of online gaming, which is why millions have subscribed to the service, as it is great value for money.

In terms of Bitcoin, video games have now become something of a digital possession, working in the same way as some digital currencies. Due to this fact, you now have many different game-selling platforms accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment for video games. Xbox is one place that will allow you to do this, but several other digital stores allow for this, so it’s worth looking around.