Why Is Caviar Popular?

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Image by klimkin from Pixabay


You’ve likely heard of caviar as that overly-expensive, upper-class delicacy that rich people get with meals. Don’t get us wrong, caviar is expensive, but there are good reasons for its increasing popularity. Caviar actually has health benefits and is becoming more affordable as time goes on. You either love caviar or hate it, but it is definitely something you should aim to try in your lifetime. Today we’re going to explain why caviar is as popular as it is. Keep on reading to find out!

Well then, what’s Caviar?

Maybe you don’t know what caviar is. Luckily for you, we can explain! Caviar isn’t produced like many other things. Caviar is taken from the insides of fish. Caviar are fish eggs from a specific species of fish. Not every kind of fish egg is considered caviar, so you need to be very sure what fish eggs you are eating.

The fish in question is Sturgeon. Nowadays, there are about 26 species of sturgeons that are caught out in the wild. Previously fishers would only catch Sturgeon rarely, so caviar was very expensive. As sturgeon fishing has increased, the cost of purchasing caviar has lowered and is now becoming more affordable and less of a “rich person delicacy”.

What’s up with the high prices?

Sturgeons don’t begin to produce eggs until they are approximately between 10 and 20 years of age. Not only did Sturgeon take a while to mature to harvest their eggs, but they also had to be killed to obtain these eggs. While this still does occur, sturgeon harvesters are trying their best to improve their technology and techniques used to collect eggs for caviar without harming the sturgeon fish. Not only is this a great thing for the fish, but it’s also a great thing for the people who harvest eggs from the sturgeon fish as they can keep using the same Sturgeon over and over again.

This is a sustainable approach as Sturgeon doesn’t have to be needlessly killed for their eggs, and also sturgeon farmers don’t have to wait for this long maturity period sturgeon have before they start producing eggs. It’s a win-win situation.

Popular Caviar Cities

Due to the caviars “rich person” reputation, you can find caviar in all kinds of restaurants in some of the biggest cities all around the world. An incredibly popular place for caviar is in Los Angeles, some of the finest in the world, with it being the home of Hollywood and all its executives and actors it’s no surprise that the city of angels is home to some of the finest caviar on the market.

Other cities around the world with fantastic caviar options include:

  • London
  • Paris
  • Singapore
  • Monaco
  • New York City
  • Berlin
  • Rome

If you go to any of these cities, you will be in caviar heaven. Some of the most prestigious cities in the world featuring some of the world’s finest caviar dishes! You do not want to miss out on the chance to try caviar even if it does come at a slight premium in some places. But believe us, you will want to try it.


We hope that you found our caviar article helpful. Caviar is so popular because of it’s “rich person” reputation that it still keeps despite the fact it is becoming more popular, coupled with its delightful taste, as well as the cities that you can find the best caviar in. It sounds like an excuse for a good holiday to us! Share your opinions on caviar with us. Do you think it’s worth all the hype it gets, or do you think people should just get over it.