Why People Seek Out Online Communities as Much as Real-Life Friends

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Technology has changed the way we do practically everything—even making friends! The emergence of the Internet and virtual communities made it possible for people from different parts of the globe who never met face-to-face to connect and become friends.

But why do people resort to looking for friends online when they can have real-life friends? Are the people you meet virtually as genuine in keeping relationships as those from your neighborhood? Do lasting friendships exist in online communities? Those are the kinds of questions you may drop when you visit the AskHer website, and the kinds of questions we will try to answer in this article. Read more.

The benefits of having a friend online

The Internet, in general, and social media, in particular, have been part of the mainstream culture for many years now. A person’s daily grind would not be complete if they were not in some form of social media. That makes online friends very accessible and convenient. Those are probably two of the main reasons people enjoy making digital bonds, whether with friends they have always known or those they just encountered. They can turn to their friends whenever they need to or want to. There is no need to spend money, go out of the house, or disturb their routines to connect and form a bond.

Virtual friends also find it easier to strike up a conversation and get to know each other. The platform allows them to feel comfortable talking about themselves, even if they are shy or introverted in real life. It also helped that online friendship continuously evolves, bringing people closer together. From simple message exchanges, they can now enjoy video interactions, somehow replicating the feeling of being there.

Virtual friends are legitimate friends

No matter under what circumstances you met your friend, no one could question its legitimacy other than you, the persons involved. Virtual friends could be as authentic as those you know personally. You cannot define friendships by distance or the kind of connection. It’s how the two friends are faithful to each other. Sometimes, people who meet with a display screen in between form an even deeper bond. That’s because the Internet allows you to find people with the same interests. You may not have too many common acquaintances, but your mutual interests can bring you together and spice up things to keep the spark burning brighter.

Online friendships can last and be as fulfilling as real-life friends

Making friends online is no different when you do with people in real life. You find the same interest, then you click. Your mutual interest can help you strike up a conversation, and suddenly, you become excited talking about it. Afterwards, you get to talk about anything under the sun. The bond between you two could get stronger, faster than you can imagine. While you enjoy the connection, exercising caution is still very important. Keep some form of a fortress, as some kind of protection for yourself, if they are not true the way you are true to them. It may be unfair to categorize online friends as fake, but you would not want to give your complete trust to become disappointed in the end either.

In the end, friends are friends, no matter what brought you together, where you met, or where you connected.