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Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

Facebook Ads are one of the most reliable forms of advertising you can choose to use right now. With over 1 billion active users on Facebook, there is a huge platform on which you need to capitalize. By targeting a specific audience and using the tools that Facebook Ads provide, you’ll see an enormous increase in your actual click through rates. When you narrow down who you are sending your ads to, you can then use the feedback to launch testimonial ads. Are you starting with an audience of over one million users? If not, this is something you need to change right away. We can look at why your Facebook Ads might not be working, so we can further improve on your advertising plan now!

Are the people who see your Facebook Ads interested? In order to see the best results with this type of advertising, you need to let Facebook do what it does best. Facebook is a machine learning algorithm that collects data in order to target a specific audience. Your Facebook Ads are then streamed directly to people who will be interested in your product or brand. Ideally, you will be able to come up with different characteristics of the customers you’d like to reach. You can then create a “buyer persona” for example, and narrow down individuals based on gender, location, age and things like interests/hobbies. Facebook allows you to implement the personalized traits you are looking for. There is also a tool called Audience Insights that lets you pick exactly who gets to see your ads. This tool can be used if you already have a targeted audience and shown to the people who are connected to your page. Or it can be used for everyone on Facebook to give you a starting point to narrow from. Whether you are just starting up, or already have your Facebook Ads ready to launch, you need to get them in front of people who are interested!

Have you ever thought of implementing an add with a real customer review? This is what we call a testimonial ad. When you include what a real-life person has to say, you ad credibility within your brand. Therefore, people will trust you and what you have to offer. You’ll also want to make sure you include a picture, as it will be visually stimulating. Customers love when they can read a positive, successful review, on the product they want to purchase.

After you have created your Facebook Ad you’ll want to make sure you get it out to at least one million viewers. When you choose to take this full-funnel approach you can gain more data to improve your conversion rates. The traffic method is the favored method to start with when you aren’t reaching 500 conversions a month. This objective will target those most likely to view your ad. In order to find the most customers, you need to have a high conversion number. Once you set up a conversion on Facebook, the conversion can then be tracked. Let’s say Facebook tracks the number of people who put an item in their cart. It will then take that information, or the people actual people who almost purchased, and stream your ad to people who have like interests.

All in all, we know that Facebook Ads are great tools to optimize sales. But you must know who your targeted audience is supposed to be. If you’re launching an ad to an audience who isn’t interested, then what’s the point? Once you narrow down your audience you can let the Facebook algorithm do the work! Make sure to give yourself a broad enough platform, in order to collect enough data so Facebook can match more customers to your brand. Also, remember that you can always implement testing to find out what’s working within your advertising plan. You can use real customer reviews with images to promote the trust and credibility of your brand. Since Facebook is such a competitive platform, make sure to utilize these tips so you can stay ahead of the competition!

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