Wildfires update: Three confirmed dead

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The wildfires in Northern California have claimed the lives of three people: the first was an elderly disabled woman who had advanced stage multiple sclerosis was unable to leave her home before the Valley Fire struck. Apparently a neighbor had offered to take the woman with him when he evacuated, but she declined. When Sheriff’s deputies got to her area to pull people out of their homes, it was already consumed with fire and they were unable to rescue the woman.

Click for a larger view of the map.
Click for a larger view of the map.

Two men died in the Butte Fire because they refused to leave their homes as the fire approached.

The Valley Fire has now burned over 77,000 acres and is 45 percent contained. At least 535 homes and other buildings have been destroyed. Over 7,000 buildings are still treated by the fire. Evacuations remain in effect.

The Butte Fire has consumed over 70,000 acres and is 49 percent contained. Over 430 buildings have been destroyed or damaged. Six thousand, four hundred other structures are still threatened.

The River Complex, South Complex and Fork Complex fires have burned nearly 140,000 acres combined. So far no reports of property damage in those fires, which are so close to one another the South and Fork Complex fires combined.

The Rough Fire, near Fresno, has burned over 140,000 acres and is now 67 percent contained.

For more information go to the CalFire site provided by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.