Women in combat: Absurd

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“Absurd: utterly or obviously senseless, illogical, or untrue; contrary to all reason or common sense; laughably foolish or false. ridiculous, preposterous all mean inconsistent with reason or common sense.”

The front lines are no place for women.

Absurd! This is political correctness gone wild, with dire consequences to all involved.

Everyone has their place on the planet, but women in combat; there is no place for that. We’re not talking about fighting from afar, or from an office in the Pentagon, we’re talking about face to face combat, the front lines.

Kathleen Parker, opinion writer wrote:

“Unbeknown perhaps to many civilians, combat has a very specific meaning in the military. It has nothing to do with stepping on an IED or suffering the consequences of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It means aggressively engaging and attacking the enemy with deliberate offensive action, with a high probability of face-to-face contact.”

Aggressively engaging and attacking the enemy … Understanding that, can we really agree that women can go face to face with a male counterpart and have success? The fact that the Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus thinks this is probable and possible is unsettling. Ray Mabus has made clear that nothing is likely to change his intention not to seek exemptions in the opening up of military jobs to women.

Woman-CombatMy question is: why is this administration in the White House is pushing so hard for this?

To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens …

Having women on the front lines is in essence disarming our military.  Is this madness a calculated effort to weaken our military? It certainly won’t strengthen it.

Let’s put a female in John McCain’s situation when he was a POW: McCain’s fighter-bomber was hit by a surface-to-air missile on Oct. 26, 1967, destroying the aircraft’s right wing. According to McCain, the plane entered an “inverted, almost straight-down spin,” and he ejected.

The sheer force of the ejection broke his right leg and both arms, knocking him unconscious. McCain came to as he landed in a lake, but burdened by heavy equipment, he sank straight to the bottom. Able to kick to the surface momentarily for air (with a broken leg and broken arms, lets not forget), he somehow managed to activate his life preserver with his teeth. Once he reached the surface, he was pulled ashore by some North Vietnamese … (and then the real horror begins)

When he noticed the injuries to his right leg which he says had fractured at the knee — one of his captors slammed a rifle butt into his right shoulder, shattering it. He was then bayoneted in the abdomen and foot.

Though initially refusing to give McCain medical treatment, the North Vietnamese, upon discovering that McCain’s father was an admiral in the Navy, decided to give him medical care. Vietnamese surgeons operated on McCain’s broken leg, damaging several ligaments in the process. To this day, there is a noticeable limp in McCain’s step.

McCain says his torture began in August of 1968. “For the next four days, I was beaten every two or three hours by different guards. My left arm was broken again and my ribs were cracked,” he said according to U.S. News. The North Vietnamese wanted a confession for crimes committed against the North Vietnamese people. After holding out for four days, McCain, at the point of suicide, agreed to write a confession. Looking back on his decision, McCain reflected “I felt just terrible about it … Every man has his breaking point. I had reached mine,” he said, according to this report.

He was a POW from October, 1967, to March, 1973, almost 5 ½ years.

Let’s absorb a few things here. First, he survives a terrifying plane crash and incurs debilitating injuries, undoubtedly excruciatingly painful. He was only given medical treatment because he was an admiral’s son, otherwise, would he have even survived? He was repeatedly beaten, and driven to the point of suicide before confessing.

Anything is possible. But do any of us really believe a female can handle this kind of treatment? Maybe we just don’t want them to …

Maybe it’s more about us, the civilians, back here in the good old USA, from the comforts of our homes, being able to endure one of our female soldiers in battle, on the front lines, or captured and held hostage … Are we ready?

Jessica Ellis GraveAre we ready for our moms, sisters and daughters, to endure what our male soldiers, dads, brothers and sons have endured for years? We are weirdly prepared, from years of wars, to accept the death of a male soldier, but will we ever be prepared to see our female soldiers die …

Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter has until January 1st to decide what, if any, exceptions to grant. It’s important he listens to all sides and evaluates all the data and that he makes clear that the judgments made are not based on politics or emotion, but on the best interest of the armed forces and the country they defend.

We applaud ALL of our military, past and currently serving. We appreciate their service and sacrifices, which are many.

God Bless America! God Bless our troops!


 (All photos via YouTube)