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While writing is clearly my passion and generally one of my best skills, living in L.A. can be expensive. For what I pay for my tiny studio, I could have a house in Mississippi! Unfortunately, living in Mississippi is nothing compared to living in Los Angeles, California, so an extra price must be paid. This I am completely comfortable with, especially considering the fact that I just got a second job.

Photo by Kyle Levy
Photo by Kyle Levy

Working in bars and restaurants has been a part of my life for years. So it’s no surprise that I am now a part-time server at a restaurant/bar named Tinhorn Flats on Highland right above Hollywood Boulevard.

Despite its location (dead center of tourist central) I actually really like it! The customers are friendly, the management is respectful and patient and my co-workers are so relaxed and fun to be around.

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that the entire place is country-western sports bar-themed. While I’m not particularly fond of sports (surprise, surprise), I do love the country bar feel of it.

The bartenders Courtney and Erin (Photo by Kyle Levy)
The bartenders Courtney and Erin
(Photo by Kyle Levy)

Everything is made of beautifully carved wood, from the floors, to the bars, to the walls. It oddly resembles many bars and restaurants from back home actually. The best part is that they even play country music occasionally. Oh and not to mention the deer, elk, and bull heads mounted all along the walls.

Sunday, being the Super Bowl, was one of the busiest days I’ve worked there. It was fun though. Most of the staff was there so it was nice to see co-workers that I don’t see normally. Courtney, an old friend and one of the managers, was there as well. Seeing her always makes my day better.

Not to mention my friends Ian and Tim dropped by to support me, for which I was incredibly thankful. And last but not least, because we were busy I actually made some pretty good tips.

The author with Kristin and Alexandra (Photo provided by Kyle Levy)
The author with Kristin and Alexandra
(Photo provided by Kyle Levy)

All in all, I’m definitely thankful to have this job especially in an economy that requires multiple jobs per individual for survival. Also, one of the best parts about this job is that they seem genuinely proud and happy to have me there. It really makes a difference knowing that your co-workers like and support you. They even smile and laugh at me when I’m that weird guy sitting at the bar drinking scotch and writing in my notebook after a long shift.

Jobs and people like this are uncommon at best. I would suggest that any and all of my friends come check this place out. The food is great, the people are nice, and come on, country music! Need I say more?