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To recap we first need to cap

In today’s economy who can afford to recapitulate?

To recap we first need to cap


In today’s economy who can afford to recapitulate?

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I Do! Want to hold my wedding outdoors, that is

So you said yes! Congratulations! Now you’re planning your big day. With the average cost of a wedding in Los Angeles standing at $37,317, having your wedding outdoors may be more

Change is often the answer

It has happened to all of us — the great relationship, turns into the good relationship, which turns into the not so great relationship, which then turns into something

Love yourself

Upon entering into 2018 I have found that with the climate of the country today, the best thing any of us can do is take care of ourselves. What

Life: We all just might live in the same shoe

Recently, while my wife and I were visiting her mother at the assisted living facility she recently moved to, she informed us why it was so important for everyone

Standing tall in the face of a past relationship’s adversity

It is easy to get caught up in the past — who wants to relive the nightmare breakup that had you crying night after night? Who wants to revisit

Knights in shining armor: Don’t expect from him what you won’t do

It is very easy to envision what your perfect relationship is. However, is this vision encompassed with the perfect mate, interactions, personalities — just perfect, perfect, perfect with no

Relationships: Let a man be a man

Recently I have had several conversations with female friends on how they feel that men are threatened by their successes and their independence. My friends feel that their successes

Christmas: Mi Casa, Su Casa

This December 24 — Christmas Eve day — I had the opportunity to sit in the VAMC La Jolla Emergency/Urgent Care waiting room. No broken bones protruding from my

Christmas Mourning

Mine is a house of mourning this holiday season. No decorations or lights will adorn its rooms to create a festive atmosphere. No parties or gatherings will bring notes of