7 Essential Things to do this Spring

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Spring is a season of change. Temperatures rise, flowers bloom, and the skies are as blue as the eye can see. It’s the perfect time to revitalize and pick up your resolution that you set aside two weeks into January. It’s also the ideal time to work on a project you have been holding off on, but so severely wanting to start. No matter your desire, Springtime is the best time to focus on improving your life. Here are seven things you can do to have a more positive Spring:

1. Change your style

Maybe you have been wearing the same pair of sandals and shorts for the past three years, and you are ready for a change, or perhaps you are just bored with your current style. There’s no perfect time to change your look than doing so in the Spring. You can invest in some pieces that you will wear all seasons, or find affordable options for the new season by shopping secondhand or at discount stores.

2. Create something

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a project through from start to finish. You can start constructing a piece of furniture with some plywood you found, or paint an old dresser a new vibrant, fun color. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, but the feeling of creating something, whether you physically create it or transform something old to something new, is gratifying.

3. Pick up an old hobby

Remember that time you were regularly doing some activity that brought you joy, but you haven’t touched it in years? Spring is the best time to rekindle an old love. Experiment with some of your past hobbies in your free time, and you might find new opportunities that you weren’t aware of at the time. Pursuing an old passion will bring you happiness because you will be doing something that you once loved.

4. Restart your new year’s resolution

The winter blues can be a real drag on our motivation, so if you’re like most people, you probably failed at falling through with your new year’s resolution. But don’t stress, there’s always time for you to continue with it! Depending on your progress, you might have to restart from the beginning. You’ll notice a change in your attitude with the change in weather, which means more productivity for your second attempt at a resolution!

 5. Go for runs or walks

The fresh Spring air is the best air for outdoor exercise. You don’t need to spend hours each week at a gym to get your workout done. Find a nearby park or trail where you can frequently jog on, or walk around your neighborhood. And if you’re a dog owner, you will always have a workout partner!

6. Learn new recipes

A new season means a new variety of fresh produce. Visit a farmer’s market to see what the most common fruits and vegetables are for Spring and research how you can incorporate them into new recipes. It’s also the start of grilling season, so look into different spices for rubs and marinades.

7. Spring cleaning

It’s time to whip out the duster and vacuum and get to work in your living space. Open a window up for some fresh air, and allow the sun to light your rooms naturally. It’s also the perfect time to declutter a closet or desk drawer, or even purging your wardrobe to make room for your new Spring style! 

No matter what changes you plan on making, Spring is always the best time to make them. You can even use an app for setting and tracking your goals to ensure you have the most positive Spring yet.