A look at recreational marijuana In California

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For those that do not know, recreational marijuana was legalized in California making it one of a handful of states to do so. This differs in an immense way from that of medical marijuana as all you have to be 21 with a legal form of ID. Medical marijuana takes far more legwork as you will have to go to a doctor that has the ability to recommend marijuana as a form of medication. This can be tough due to the fact that not all doctors are willing to recommend this as it is still federally illegal. Vets, for example, cannot recommend this to pets although it has been shown to help dogs that have inflammation making it easier for them to get around. The following are things that you should know about recreational marijuana in California.

What Is A Best Seller?

The legalization of marijuana has led to quite a few innovations when it comes to how you can consume marijuana. Smoking marijuana flowers are the traditional route with some people having experience with edibles in the past. There are marijuana concentrates or dabs that come in many forms which is a potent form of THC. Cartridges for vape pens have also become quite popular due to the fact they do not emit a strong smell of marijuana. This is perfect for the casual user who needs a few puffs to get them through a long day. These have had people making harmful ones as knockoffs so make sure to buy brand name of a cannabis producer.

Marijuana flowers are still the top seller as dabs or hashish can be far too strong for someone that is not a seasoned smoker. Luckily there are companies like that of Grass Door that can deliver marijuana in Los Angeles. This can be perfect for a professional that does not want to be seen in a dispensary due to what they do for a job.

With all of the new options, we might see an increase in other forms of marijuana being bought. It can just be expensive for a person to purchase all kinds of products that they may or may not like. For this reason, going to a marijuana-based event or festival can be a great way to try quality products without the high price tag. Samples are free with an admission ticket so you can see all the marijuana industry has to offer.

What Does This Do To Crime Cartels?

There are cartels from all over the world that found a niche in growing marijuana to sell in the US. The Mexican drug cartels were the largest importer of these drugs due to their proximity to the southern US border. Now the different cartels are setting up shop in states where marijuana has been legalized in order to distribute it to states where the drug is entirely illegal. The continued legalization of marijuana for recreational and medical use will continue to hurt these cartels in a financial sense.

The Tax Money Collected Was Plentiful

Describing the state of California as a dumpster fire in terms of their debt and high tax rates is not a huge leap. There have been disasters that could have been prevented through adequate planning in the case of the wildfires that ravaged the state leading to billions of dollars in damage. The tax money totaled over a quarter of a billion dollars which can help put a dent in some of the state’s debts. Colorado is another state that pledged its tax money to the educational system with great results. The population of California is far higher so the amount of money does not impact the state in the same way.

Legal marijuana is here to stay in California after years of fighting and voting. Look into the industry as this can be a great place to start a career in a niche that you might really enjoy!