Another day, another news cycle

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Good morning, afternoon, or evening. Does it matter? Nothing much has changed since you last checked your news feed. Haven’t you noticed, our media has managed to find a one size fits all approach to covering the “major” news stories of the day, or is it hour? I forget. Who cares?

In case you are just waking up from a 20-year nap, let me fill you in on the news headlines you kept missing.

Another School Shooting:Right now, the most recent was in Indiana, but I am betting by the time this piece gets run, there will be another one somewhere else. You can also probably add another car driving into a busy side walk, cafe, or any other unsuspecting local business. For some odd reason, Americans are on a killing spree and seem to relish the attention given to people who can kill the most people in the most horrific manner or in a way that causes us to scream at one another over guns and the mentally ill while doing nothing to stop our thirst for violence.

Another Presidential Controversy:The only difference here is it involves Donald Trump and/or members of his family instead of people named Clinton or Bush. Just like his predecessors, some of the controversies involve sex, they all seem to be linked to money and questionable back room deals, and they all smack of hypocrisy as they cover the same topics of concern that we were promised would not take place under Trump’s watch. All of this will blow over and is actually a good thing because it is going to help us when our next president does, or is accused of, more outlandish behavior.

Another Celebrity Perv:Woody Allen might still be a hard act to beat as far as controversies go, but let’s face it, last year it was Harvey Weinstein, today it is Morgan Freeman, and somewhere in between it has been scores of others. Guess what? Next week, tomorrow, hell, maybe even today, there will be another celebrity who stands accused, or is it tried and convicted? However, as they say in Hollywood, the only bad press is no press at all, that is unless of course you own a film company and fear the fallout from people protesting your productions.

Another NFL Controversy:The NFL, in particular, the 32 very rich and all white male owners and their commissioner, just can’t stop with the self-inflicting wounds they create. This time it is their policy on the national anthem and players who protest during the playing of it. If you want to stand, stand. If you don’t, then stay in the locker room. If you protest, your owner will be fined. If he is fined, he may in turn fine you or pat you on the back and say I support you and look at the fine as part of his cost of doing business. What happened to the good old days when players got popped for DUI’s? Those were replaced with PEDs and domestic violence before turning to serious shit like how much air is in a football.

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Another Must Have Gadget: Seriously, does anyone keep up on all the crap that is thrown at the public whose sole purpose is to hold more data, take clearer photos, and comes with better apps than their previous model released six months ago? And have you noticed with the release of each new gadget, the average body weight of Americans goes up while their life expectancy drops? Americans move their bodies less, but when they do, they move more like zombies roaming the planet talking to themselves where in their eyes, they are exercising and communicating at the same time? We have long passed the day of walking and chewing gum at the same time. No one chews gum anymore because it is too much work.

Another Record Breaking Month:No, not for the economy, but for the planet’s temperature. We are now up to 400 straight months of planetary temperature increases and yet this is not enough evidence for half the nation that global warming even exists, let alone is a problem. It seems we have gone backwards because for enough people, science really is not as accurate as the Bible. In fact, we would all be better off if we just went to public school and prayed all day like these believers feel our Founding Fathers wanted when they created one nation under a Christian God. Besides another increase in global temps, we can add a national decrease in intelligence.

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers play Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals tonight against the Golden State Warriors. It is the fourth year in a row these two teams have met in the championship series.
(Claudia Gestro)

Another GOAT:What do farm animals have to do with this article? Nothing. However, we do have another Greatest Of All Time in LeBron James, or is it Tom Brady? Maybe it is Messi, unless of course you think it is Ronaldo.

Here is the point, the sports world has grown to such a point in our society it has resulted in relegating men to turning their garages into “Man Caves” to hold their soon to be out dated 60-inch TV with surround sound just so they can drink beer and argue with their buddies over who the is greatest.

On the bright side, it keeps them from spending oodles of money at local bars and then getting popped for a DUI, or just popped in the mouth by a drunk Raider fan and has allowed women to decorate their entire home to their liking without having to worry about their husband making a mess. While the two sexes have become a little more equal with each passing day, we have found a way to stay separate and happy in the process. This might well be our greatest accomplishment as a society.

Now, go back to sleep, or just hang out on your parents couch, and forget about the world we live in for a while. I will wake you just as soon as something new actually happens.

Top photo of Hollywood Blvd by Tim Forkes