Breakfast in bed

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I sleepily opened the door to my back patio. “Please tell me that is not cinnamon that I smell!” I couldn’t sleep a wink last night and now I wake up to this.

My roommate Michelle patted the cushion on the seat next to her. “Yep, you can see it all from here. He even put on the two strawberries. I told you not to go out with him!”

I groaned and covered my face not really wanting to see him making her breakfast. I could clearly remember waking up next to that gorgeous hunk with his warm hands and soft lips on my body and having him tell me not to move because I was getting breakfast in bed.

Michelle told me not to go out with him because I would only be the rebound and get my heart broken. I couldn’t help it. I was attracted to him from the moment I first saw him.

They moved in next door and we could see straight into their kitchen from our back patio. The two of them kept Michelle and I entertained for months. When his wife moved out, I was right there to pick up the pieces that she left him in.  Yes, I knew he was still in love with his wife.

Sexy Man Feeding Woman Strawberry Image by Henry Arden/Corbis
Sexy Man Feeding Woman Strawberry
Image by Henry Arden/Corbis

Good-looking, smart and affectionate — how could I not date that man? We dated for almost three months. I wouldn’t even sleep with the guy until about two weeks ago! On that very first morning, he made me incredible French toast with cinnamon and two strawberries. One berry I fed to him and the other he fed to me. So sweet and sexy.

Last night we went out and he took me back to his place. It was very awkward to say the least when his wife showed up and started crying. I was so embarrassed, I apologized as I ran out the door half naked.  He never even looked twice at me, worrying only about her tears.

“Honey, I’m so sorry, I never wanted to see you hurt.” Michelle put her arms around me for comfort.

“You know what, Shell?” I sat up straight with an idea. “I would feel so much better if you ran his jacket over to him right now. That way I won’t have to face him.”

“Sure, anything to make you feel better.  Is it the black hooded jacket in the hall closet?”

Sweet Michelle was already on her way. Anything to make me happy.  I would be sure to repay her for her friendship. Soon.

“Yes, thank you so much!”  My tears were quickly drying.

It was only moments when I saw his head lift as if he heard the knock at his door.  He sat the plate of French toast down and went to answer the door.

I waited until he left the kitchen before I jumped the fence.

By the time Michelle came back, I was smiling, curled up on the couch with their plate of French toast.

“One berry for you my friend and one for me.”