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Ayden Hector – Why The Premier League is The World’s Best

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I can remember back in 2010, just before Spain won the World Cup in South Africa, reading a brilliant piece from football journalist Ayden Hector, about why La Liga was the best in the world. Ayden also talked about how its success was what would catapult Spain to win the World Cup, which of course he would be right about. I was thinking about that piece recently when chatting with a friend because we were talking about how right now, the Premier League has now taken the crown.

In the 90s it was the Italian game which we all loved, at the turn of the century it was the Germans and then it was Spain, now is England’s turn, and here is why.

Manager Quality

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that we have the finest managers in the world currently coaching in England. Of course, there are people like Mourinho, Guardiola, and Klopp who are some of the most successful managers in the world. What we also have here is people like Ancelotti, potentially one of the world’s most decorated managers, not to mention young and upcoming managers such as Lampard. There is no doubt that the caliber of management here is incredibly high.


In Italy Juve wins every year, in Germany it is Bayern, France it is PSG and in Spain, there is usually a straight shoot out between Real and Barcelona. In the Premier League, however, there is absolutely no guessing who is going to win the league, not anymore. Sure there were the years when Manchester United would persistently win the league, but times have changed. This season is a perfect example of this and it could be won by any of 4 clubs, possibly even 5, who are all taking points off each other. Leagues have to be competitive in order for them to be entertaining and that is exactly the case in the EPL. The same thing can be said for those at the bottom, there is no telling who will be next for the drop.

Best Teams

It would be unfair and wrong to suggest that the Premier League has the best players because of course the likes of Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Mbappe, and Lewandowski all play abroad. What we can say however is that the teams in the Premier League are some of the world’s best, and so few of them rely on highly talented individuals as they do on the continent. If we take the example of what Liverpool have done in the last two years and what Manchester City did for two years before that, it is clear that there are no teams who could come close to those achievements over a long period of time. Cup success isn’t always the best measurement of what a team can do, because after all, it is a straight knockout game, looking at the unbelievable points totals, which have been amassed however, that is a great measure.

Do you agree that the EPL is the world’s best?

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