Become a Digital Nomad and See the World While You Work

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Do you dream of a life of constant globe-trekking? Would you give anything for the chance to explore the world full-time?

If so, it might be more doable than you think. Today’s increasingly digital world means more people are working online than ever before. In theory, what’s stopping you from doing your job on the other side of the world?

While not everyone is in a position to relocate while holding onto their job, more people are able to do so than ever before. Those working freelance or remotely are essentially free to move about the globe as they wish. With this in mind, becoming a digital nomad is easier than most people think.

What’s a digital nomad? A digital nomad is someone who earns a living while traveling around the world. They never stay in one place for very long. They’re constantly moving on to somewhere new. How do they afford it? Easy; they earn a living working online, either on behalf of a single company or working for themselves.

Here are six factors to consider when deciding whether or not to become a digital nomad:


Unless you’re lucky enough to have a substantial trust fund or significant inheritance, being a digital nomad will require a source of income. The good news is there are countless ways to earn a living without settling down in one specific place. No, not everybody can make money as a YouTube celebrity, but most people have what it takes to become a virtual professional in some respect. Regardless of vocation, the work-from-home trend has been amplified thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have been working outside the office for over a year. With this in mind, earning the income necessary to become a digital nomad is more practical than ever before.


It’s one thing to travel to a faraway place with the intent to live there for a set amount of time. It’s another to actually make it work. Housing is the single greatest obstacle. But there are options. For instance, communal living could be the best choice for someone planning on living in San Francisco for half a year. A person settling in Berlin for six months could probably find a room for rent with a half-year lease. It won’t always be that easy, but every major city is filled with men and women in search of roommates and tenants. Keep searching, and you’re sure to find a cost-effective solution.


Being paid in Euros while paying your rent in Pesos sounds complicated. But it’s easier than most people think. Thanks to handy apps and other services, managing multinational finances is a simple matter of currency conversion. Whether you’re in Mexico or Mali, it takes a week or so to adjust your brain to the value of a “dollar” here versus a dollar back home. Once you make the adjustment, spending money will be far less stressful. Again, all it takes is a brief check with Google to determine the most recently updated exchange rate!.Additionally, it’s important to take care of your credit while you travel. Make sure you understand each derogatory marks meaning and take steps to repair your credit on the go. 


A life of constant travel means you’ll be booking many flights. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to stick with a single airline offering frequent flyer rewards. Doing so opens you up to discounts and rewards on airfare. It also gives you access to perks and amenities you’d otherwise never experience. Virtually every major airline around the world offers special rewards and other incentives to those who wish to join. Rather than acting as an independent operator, hedge your bets and align yourself with a handful of airlines. The bottom line will most certainly be in your favor.


What about your friends and family back home? Thanks to internet-based communication combined with old-fashioned methods, staying in touch with close friends and relatives is easier than ever.


You didn’t travel all this way to spend the whole time hunched over your laptop! Get out there and explore while you travel. Stop and smell the roses. That’s the whole point of life as a digital nomad. 

Do you dream about world travel? If so, then consider becoming a digital nomad. It’s easier than you think.