Burning thoughts from another sleepless night

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Just when I thought I had turned the corner on my poor sleep of late, I end up finding myself up at at em’ at 2:30 this morning. Sleep is a wonderful mechanism for anyone who thinks too much. Lack of sleep is extra challenging for a thinking fool like myself.

Thanks for Nothing Jerry: If you read anything I write, you already know how I feel about our Turd in Chief, Donny Boy. I have never hidden my disdain for him as a human being and hold even more now that he is POTUS. However, this does not qualify me as the “Libertard” his supporters have labeled me as. Here is one reason why; Jerry Brown.

I have little regard for this career politician son of a career politician. Two eight year terms as my governor have been about 16 years too long on the job.

Brown likes to call himself a global warming warrior of sorts and claims to use his power to fight it. He has convinced Californians of the need for a gas tax that punishes the car loving citizens who purchases vehicles that run on petroleum. Brown has expanded the use of solar energy while in office this time around. However, I find him to be a huge hypocrite when it comes to his stance on these damn fires.

Yes, they are the result of global warming in large part. No, they are not the result of poor fish and game management. However, maybe had Governor Moonbeam been less desiring of a pet train project that will cost over $100 billion dollars and fail to do as advertised and in its place convinced voters of the need to invest that money in wild fire defense, this state might have a larger wild fire fighting force.

$100 billion dollars buys a lot of planes, fire retardant, bulldozers, and manpower and in the process saves more homes, lives, and land from the ravages we witness today. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Jerry.

Just Being Honest: Sorry, but I have a hard time worrying about all the celebrities whose homes have been lost by these fires. For them, it is an inconvenience at best. It’s not like the average Joe has the money to hire their own private firefighting services like some celebs do to save their mansions.

Celebs will rebuild. They will use their money and influence to gain priority over real people who have suffered losses and then, in the case of those living in Malibu, push to restrict home building just so they can have their corner on the coast to themselves.

The beautiful town of Paradise is gone. I think of the residents there and am reminded how disappointed I was in 1998 when I received a call from the school district there telling me they decided to hire someone else for the job I was a finalist for. My disappointment then is nothing compared to the people there whose homes are gone, loved ones are missing, and future is bleak.

(Jeff Worman)

Stan Lee: All I know of this guy is he wrote popular comic books which are now half of the films we see released today. I was never a comic book reader as a kid in the 70s. However, for those who were and continued being fans of as adults, his passing is another example of a time when art, in any form, was an example of self-expression in its truest form. It seems like, today, whatever passes as art is not much more than a corporate investment into bland, inoffensive, interchangeable sameness that lacks passion.

Time for a Change: Now that I really have no need for my GMC 1500 Crew Cab and its wonderful 14mpg gas, I am thinking of trading it in for something smaller and more gas friendly. I won’t be trading it in for a Toyota Prius. Am I the only person who thinks the drivers of these cars are the biggest dicks on the road? They’re kind of the French of car drivers.

Tough Guy, My Ass: Donald Trump is a first class woos. He loves to talk tough, threaten others with his power, brag about the importance of a strong military and the need to honor them and then … I guess he has an allergy to rain unless he is playing golf. How else do you explain him staying behind in his hotel room in France rather than getting wet while honoring WWI veterans who died in battle? At least there are real men, and women, out there who are tough. They are called the leaders of Europe who are increasingly speaking out against Trump and his false bravado.

Time for a Change: By all accounts, Clay Helton, the head football coach of USC, is a great person. He’s also in over his head and not much more than a mediocre head football coach. USC has to let him go if they want to turn their program around. They have to do something bold and hire someone who has zero ties to the Pete Carroll glory days. They have to find someone who can take one of the most ideal college coaching jobs and rebuild their program into a new age of glory. Or they can save money, keep Helton, and watch Chip Kelly do it next door at UCLA.

Matthew Whitaker (YouTube)

How to Impress the Boss: Matthew Whitaker is the acting Attorney General now that Trump has fired Jeff Sessions. Whitaker followed the perfect plan for landing a gig he has no business doing. Here is how it is done. First, he was born with a penis. Next, he is white. Third, he has no problem kissing Trump’s orange ass. Finally, he tops it off with his tough guy Kojack bald head to appear tough.

You Can’t Buy Looks if You Are Male: Okay, so half the women we see on social media have more than a little falseness about them. Maybe it is their nose. Perhaps it is their breasts. Maybe it’s their chin. It could be their butt, their tummy, their thighs, or all of the above. I have no problem with any woman who decides to do these things. It’s their body so let them do with it as they decide.

That said, men who are famous, or just vain, do the same, but let’s face it, if you are male and born ugly, you probably would be wise to focus on wealth over looks.

Why do I bring this up? I just saw a photo of a young Prince Charles and a current Prince Charles. The poor lad never stood a chance. He really was blessed with a face only a Queen of a mother could love.

Paradise, CA on fire (YouTube)

An Easy Way To Help Victims: With the holiday season and winter fast approaching, those of us blessed not to have been hit by any of a number of disasters this year can do a simple task that helps victims: Go through your clothes and start pulling out the things you no longer wear and donate them to victim relief centers. If you have nice clothes, shoes, or winter coats you no longer wear because they are too big, too small, or just hidden among your closet clutter, donate them. They will do more good to those in need than remaining unused.

Whose Buying This?  Anyone lining up early for Black Friday specials on a Trumpy Bear? I hear they come with an umbrella.

Top photo is a YouTube screenshot of Paradise, CA on fire