California seniors meet with Rep. Cárdenas to discuss Medicare Advantage

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Panorama City, CA – Seniors from the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) met with the Office of Congressman Tony Cárdenas today in Panorama City to discuss the importance of the Medicare Advantage program.

Medicare Advantage provides quality health care to millions of seniors in California and across the country,” said Congressman Cárdenas. “This program is an increasingly important option for low- income seniors and the disabled. That’s why I’m leading the bipartisan effort in Congress to protect those who rely on Medicare Advantage for their health care coverage.”

More than 2.3 million California residents have chosen Medicare Advantage plans because of the higher-quality care, financial protections, and additional benefits these health care plans provide. Local seniors shared their personal stories with Representative Cárdenas’ office about Medicare Advantage, and the importance of preserving seniors’ choices when it comes to health care.

“Medicare Advantage provides me and my husband with top quality coverage at a price we can afford and any cuts to the program would have a devastating effect on our family,” said Violeta Quintero, a constituent of Congressman Cárdenas’ from Mission Hills, California who attended the meeting. “We are lucky to have Congressman Cárdenas as our represenatitve fighting for senior citizens in the San Fernando Valley and across the country.”

With increased public attention on health care, Medicare Advantage continues to be a program with broad bipartisan support. Earlier this year, Congressman Cárdenas has been recognized by the Coalition for Medicare Choices for his leadership in Washington to protect seniors in the Medicare Advantage program.

Medicare Advantage is the part of Medicare through which private health plans provide comprehensive medical coverage to seniors and persons with disabilities. Nationwide, more than 18 million Americans choose Medicare Advantage. Research shows that 9 out of 10 Medicare Advantage beneficiaries are satisfied with their coverage.

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Founded in 1999, the Coalition for Medicare Choices (CMC) is the preeminent national grassroots organization of more than 2 million people who support Medicare Advantage. CMC members reside in all U.S. states and territories and are united in supporting high quality health plan choices in Medicare. To learn more about the CMC, visit and follow the coalition on Facebook and Twitter.

Top photo: Rep. Maria Sanchez (CA-29), Jacqueline Serrano and Violeta Quintero (CMC)