Can you file a lawsuit against JUUL if you suffer from a Pulmonary Disease due to vaping?

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It was supposed to be a safer alternative to smoking…Vaping that is. Devices known as VAPE PENs or E-CIGARETTES (electronic cigarettes) that use a flavored liquid that is heated and turned into vapor and inhaled have become extremely popular over the last few years and while it was touted as a safe product, recent developments are casting huge shadows on that claim.

Recent claims have been made against these devices claiming that not only does the liquid, which contains highly concentrated nicotine, cause the user to become addicted and thus vape more frequently, but that the vapor itself is responsible for the cause of respiratory disorders in those who vape. Of the companies being targeted in lawsuits, JUUL is by far the biggest and most popular, accounting for as much as 75% of the vaping market. Thus, it is also being hit with the largest number of lawsuits.

While many of the claims being made are speculative at the moment, new evidence continues to pour in. Here are some of the cited conditions possibly being caused by those using JUUL pens to vape:

  • Addiction to nicotine
  • Brain hemorrhaging/stroke
  • A variety of lung diseases including bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia
  • Seizures

In addition to the above, many lawsuits are also citing DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING TO MINORS, as many of the flavors have names and flavors that are candy-like, increasing the chances that young people will be enticed to begin vaping.

While most cases against JUUL and other vape manufacturers are in the “evidence gathering” stages, you absolutely have a right to file a lawsuit if you believe that using a JUUL Pen resulted in your being afflicted with an injury, illness or addiction. While you have the option of choosing to join in a class-action suit that is currently being put together against the vaping company, you also have the ability to file your own personal lawsuit as well.

Securing a law firm that has experience in dealing with such cases is recommended. Deciding to sue a major corporation can be a scary prospect, but a law firm that has successfully done this prior can make the process simple and as stress-free as possible for you. Once you secure the firm, they will work with you to secure any and all evidence that could work to support your case including:

  • When you first tried a JUUL pen
  • How often you vaped
  • What your physical condition was prior to vaping (backed by physician records)
  • What types of health issues you have been experiencing as a result of using your JUUL
  • Detailed records of any doctor visits/bills you have accumulated as a result of using your JUUL

If you believe that you are suffering health conditions as a result of suing a JUUL, stop vaping immediately, visit your doctor as soon as possible, and secure the services of a law firm who has experience in seeking client restitution for similar cases.