CDC states 36.5 percent of American adults are obese

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BURBANKCA September 20, 2016.  The Centers for Disease Control now claims that 36.5% of the American adult population is obese.  Former TV/Radio Talk Show host, trial lawyer and author Ron Irwin has declared all-out war on the disease of obesity.

loselovebackBACKGROUND:  At 5:30 p.m. on December 18th, 2012 Ron Irwin stood up from his chair and stopped breathing. Nothing restored his breathing and in a few seconds he fell to the floor unconscious, not breathing and soon without a pulse. Miraculously local EMT’s arrived on scene quickly and got his heart and lungs working while enroute to the hospital. Two days later an attending physician announced to his family that:  “… if he survives he will never walk again.” At the time Irwin was more than 140 pounds overweight. That obesity led to his Congestive Heart Failure, diabetes and cancer. Eventually he walked out of the hospital totally committed to achieving a new much healthier life style.

Today Irwin is free of disease and walks a minimum of 13.1 miles a day every day.  Thrilled at his success Irwin wrote his book Lose Live, a critically acclaimed guide to achieving and maintaining good health. Now he writes weekly articles published in numerous newspapers across the country.  And now this……

According to Ron Irwin, “I have become a huge fan of good health. People must understand that obesity is not about fashion it is a serious and potentially deadly disease. Diets never work long term. But lifestyle changes can and do yield miraculous results and good health. Along with proper diet people also need to move more, much more. One of the best activities is simple walking. To that end I have started a contest and invite others to share their personal walking stories and success. Winners will have their stories published and receive a copy of “Lose Live.” The medical establishment is focused entirely on treating disease. I am a devoted advocate of achieving and maintaining good health.”

Anyone interested in participating in this contest should send their walking story together with photos if possible to this email. The deadline for submission is November 10th 2016.

Ron Irwin is also available for interviews, speaking engagements and anything that will advance the cause of defeating the deadly and rapidly spreading disease of obesity. You can contact him through his email.