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Our Celestial Birth

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I am delighted to share the good news with you that Our Celestial Birth, my first daily meditation guide, is now available for downloading at the Amazon Kindle store! Isn’t that fantastic!

You can find out more info, and get your own copy, at my website: Be The Change.

Our Celestial BirthI was so pleased when I first learned to publish my own books through traditional printing methods. Independent publishing has come a long way and is now very respected in the industry. Learning how to format my work for the electronic market is a great new skill that will help me in many ways. And I have to say that I love this cover most of all!

Each daily meditation book contains a month’s worth of life affirming messages and affirmations! Relax, center yourself, and allow the thoughts, words, and feelings found in these meditations to serve as soul markers to guide you on your spiritual journey. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned meditator you will find meaning and support within these pages.

Thank you for your spirited encouragement of my work

In Peace, Maria


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Rev Maria Shamaya Clemente

Through her ministry, “Doorway Into The Infinite,” Rev. Maria holds the vision for the transformation of the consciousness of planet Earth. She is a spiritual change agent committed to ... educating people in the process of healing ... empowering the world one creative thought at a time ... and experiencing peace in our lifetime. Her articles, essays, and meditations have been published in various magazines. She has self-published numerous books and manuals, and released two recordings of guided meditations. She’s created a variety of classes, workshops, and spiritual performance pieces, where she expresses her profound interest in spirituality and peace. Contact the author.

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