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Change is often the answer

It has happened to all of us — the great relationship, turns into the good relationship, which turns into the not so great relationship, which then turns into something you don’t even recognize. Time changes things and believe it or not people change; just imagine the you that you were a year ago.

Taste buds change, friendships change, we as people change; so why can’t a relationship?

That being said — change requires a change and that applies to relationships too. People are often creatures of habit so when a relationship is bad, it often remains that way, unless you make a change. It is important to know how valuable you and your opinions, thoughts and desires are. If you are aware of these things, then you’ll learn to acquire what you deserve and nothing less.

It always seems impossible at the beginning of a change, but there is always a silver lining and there is always light at the end of the tunnel. No one deserves to be in a relationship wherein they feel unhappy or alone. If that is you, or someone you know, offer to be the change that you or that person needs. Start small if you’re afraid to tackle a major change in your life. It can make all the difference in the world. Cheers!



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