Chargers prepare for next game against Seahawks

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In the previous two seasons the Seattle Seahawks were the dominant team in the NFC, winning the Super Bowl in 2014 (2013 NFL Champions) and making it to the Super Bowl earlier this year. For the San Diego Chargers, how they play against a great team like the Seahawks will be a good measure for how they will start the season.

Quarterback Philip Rivers
Quarterback Philip Rivers

Most of their starters will start in this game; in their previous game against the Arizona Cardinals many of them sat out the entire game, including quarterback Philip Rivers. At Tuesday’s post-practice press conference, Rivers was asked about the importance of playing in preseason games. “It is important. You gain certain things and certain things you try to get out of each time you’re out there. Traditionally the third one’s the one you play a little more; it’s usually the last real time that we’re all out there together until the opener.”

But Friday’s game will be a big test for both the defense and the offense of the Chargers. Head Coach Mike McCoy soke about the progress of the team, “[We are] just trying to get better as a team. I think there’s pluses and minuses to the first two preseason games. We did some things better with some things we really wanted to work on and make sure we did a better job with in all three phases. There’s some things we took a step back on. That’s going to happen from week to week. You gotta find ways to win games.”

Inside linebacker Donald Butler was upbeat about the young rookies in camp, especially Nick Dzubnar, “Nick is a young guy just running around out there trying to hit somebody. Looking at the young guys, that’s what you want to see: high energy guy, high effort guy. He’s picking up the system fairly fast, which is always good for a young guy.”

Running back Melvin Gordon
Running back Melvin Gordon

The big young guy on the team is rookie running back Melvin Gordon. For him every game is important. “To me, to a rookie, to a young guy coming in, I think every game is a stepping stone for me, regardless of what team it is. I feel in the NFL every team is good.”

Is he ready for the next game? “I’ll definitely be prepared. It’s just that sometimes it’s just a little fast. You just want to be right, you don’t want to mess up, you feel like they’ll take you out. You just gotta be calm, be relaxed and go through your progression and you’ll be good.”

Below is my video from the press conference. It will only be available for 24 hours so enjoy it.

(Photos by Claudia Gestro)