Marshawn Trump: Rebel with a dollar sign jersey

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I have no problem with athletes who do not stand during the National Anthem as a way of protest. However, when you choose to sit while it is played and then stand for the Mexican anthem, you are simply seeking to draw attention to yourself.

Marshawn Lynch has gone to great lengths to create an image he tries to profit from. It is one that needs the very discord that rips this nation so he can continue to portray himself as a revolutionary fighting for the black cause.

The only cause Marshawn Lynch has is Marshawn Lynch. He wore his welcome out in Buffalo and when Pete Carroll felt he had a player to replace his production in Seattle, it was time for him to retire.

Lynch has done nothing to improve the Oakland Raiders this year. The record speaks for itself. He returned not because he loves football or the city of Oakland, but because he realized his brand does better when he is paying ball, getting booted from ball games, or drawing attention for stunts like Sunday. Without the game, he and his brand are nothing and his wallet is much thinner.

Marshawn Lynch loves titles, just not the kind that takes a team to win. He wants the title of leader without the expectation of leading. He has no trouble looking a coaching staff or owner in the eyes and telling them what they want to hear and then turning around and doing his own thing. He is the first to point fingers at what others have done, insists an outcome would have been better if the team relied on him more, and then lets the team down with a stupid stunt or one of his pissy sulking mood swings.

Lynch has no problem creating controversy or profiting off of it, but he is like a certain guy who sits in the Oval Office and comes up short of offering any clear path toward healing or the creation of a stronger, healthier community.

In short, Marshawn Lynch is more like Donald Trump than he is a Muhammad Ali or Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Top photo is a YouTube screenshot of Marshawn Lynch sitting for National Anthem in Mexico City