Dodgers sign Sergio Romo

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The Los Angeles Dodgers announced they have signed RH reliever Sergio Romo to a one-year deal. It is reportedly with $3 million.

Romo spent his first nine seasons with the NL rival San Francisco Giants so Dodgers fans should be well acquainted with his talents.

President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman told the media, “He obviously has a lot of October experience, a lot of experience pitching late in games and in pennant races. As we looked at our bullpen and the current configuration, someone who was elite right-versus-right was attractive to us, and from our standpoint he’s one of the best right-on-right guys out there.”

Kenley Jansen of the Los Angeles Dodgers
(Claudia Gestro)

What role he will play is unknown right now, but manager Dave Roberts thought he could be an 8th inning setup man for the closer, Kenley Jansen. On January 10 Jansen signed a five-year, $80 million deal to remain with the Dodgers.

Born in Brawley, California, Romo nevertheless is playing for the Mexico team in the World Baseball Classic. When it was announced he would be playing for Mexico, Romo said, “It was part of the childhood dream playing Dodger Stadium, to have Vin Scully say your name and all that good stuff.”

He will join a bullpen that was one of the best last season. The Dodgers announced their pitchers were healthy and starter Clayton Kershaw said he was not going to dial back his intensity this season. The Dodgers should start the season with a very formidable pitching staff.

The team was also able to resign second baseman Chase Utley in a one-year deal, as well as add Franklin Gutierrez to the outfield. Dodgers fans can expect many of their favorite players from 2016 to return, with some of the younger players, like Joc Pederson, making big contributions this season.

Top photo: Sergio Romo from 2013 (Wikipedia)