Ebola won’t be a problem

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Rest assured Americans. Now that we have our first diagnosed case of Ebola in the United States, government officials have assured us there is nothing to worry about. There is no need to worry the infected man informed airport officials he was returning from Liberia where he was exposed to at least one infected woman who later died.

It is also understandable he would be sent home from the Dallas hospital he first went to when he started feeling ill only to be admitted a few days later. What could happen during that time?  Okay, so he was in direct contact with at least five children who attend four different schools. It’s not like our schools are breeding grounds for illnesses.

In case you are still worried Ebola might become a major problem in our country, let me set your mind at ease and remind you that if our government says there is no need to worry, then there is no need to be alarmed. Just in case you still have doubts, I have provided you with a list of sound reasons why you should feel good about how our government will handle Ebola.

These are the same people who assured us the White House fence jumper was quickly and professionally apprehended despite getting past at least five guards, walking through an unlocked front door, and making his way to the White House East Room.

  1. We have been told over and over there is no need to place boots on the ground in Syria or Iraq even though there are not any defense experts who agrees with this idea.
  2. The same government that viewed ISIS as the JV team is probably viewing Ebola as nothing more than a stubborn head cold.
  3. There is no need to doubt a government that assured us Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when they tell you Ebola will not be a problem in the United States.
  4. Remember, when we are assured our president is well protected despite placing him in an elevator with an armed rent-a-cop who begins acting strangely, there is no reason to worry about an isolated case of Ebola.
  5. Even though government officials were mistaken over what were gunshots fired at the White House and had to have their error pointed out by a White House cleaning lady, I am sure they cannot be wrong about their opinion about Ebola.
  6. While we may not place boots on the ground in Syria and Iraq, we can feel good about our government sending 3,000 troops to western Africa to combat Ebola rather than sending 3,000 health care workers.
  7. You should not worry about Ebola just because our government decided to bail out banks and do nothing when they rewarded CEO’s with huge bonuses while Americans lost their homes.
  8. Have faith in our government because they know you can defend yourself from an Ebola outbreak just like the Iraqi army was able to defend their country, allowing our soldiers to return home.
  9. And just because it was our government that spent 50 billion dollars a year fighting a war in Afghanistan, a nation whose gross national product is worth six billion dollars, I am sure there is plenty of money left for any of us who might need medicine in case we come down with Ebola.
  10. This is also the same government that is fighting to put an end to the team named Redskins while doing nothing about those named Indians, Braves, Chiefs, Seminoles, Blackhawks, Warriors, Aztecs, Chippewas, or Fighting Illini.
  11. Never lose faith in our government’s Ebola fight just because they lost 55 million dollars last year producing pennies at a rate of 1.83 cents a penny.
  12. And finally, even if you do get Ebola, you are probably like me and glad to know thanks to the Affordable Care Act, many of us now pay more to receive less health care than before the ACA.

So when you go to bed tonight, drop to your knees and give thanks knowing our government has a handle on Ebola. Feel good knowing the next time you are sitting in your doctor’s waiting room or a crowded ER and the guy next to you is coughing and sweating from a terrible fever, you have nothing to worry about.

Know that the plane you are flying on and is recycling everyone’s air for you to breath is Ebola free. And I am sure the sniffles your kid’s best friend has are nothing to be concerned about.

We have been assured by our leaders there is no reason to worry, and that alone should be enough to make us all sleep well tonight.