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I’m not going to lie, there is not much for me to get excited about. It’s the dead season and anyone in the media should just take a few weeks off and forget about life. We can all use a break and think about what level of sunscreen to use rather than the latest presidential polls. It’s summer and life should not matter.

Guess what? When summer ends, the fall election will still be there waiting for you. So will Major League Baseball, pro and college football, trials, deaths, DWI’s, and all those annoying influencers passing on their wisdom gained from a life of two decades.

The NBA season just ended, and the Boston Celtics won their 18th title. It’s a weak class of draft eligible basketball players and free agency doesn’t offer much hope to fans, so put hoops to rest. Try waiting until October when training camps resume instead of predicting how new Lakers coach J.J. Redick gets along with some guys named LeBron and Anthony.

If there is anything to get excited about, it is what the Supreme Court has to say on matters. They have preserved access to what is known as the abortion pill while upholding bump stocks on guns because we all know our Founding Fathers saw a future where automatic weapons were a need for our survival. We have also known for a while that Clarence Thomas accepted millions of dollars in gifts and is giving the public a gigantic middle finger over it. Who cares if Louisiana now requires all public-school classrooms to post the Ten Commandments. Did they remember to specify what language it had to be in or if it is illegal to post them upside down?

Our Congress should just go home until after the fall election. We already know the GOP is drinking Donny’s Kool Aid so let’s give it a rest. MGT is bat shit crazy so why bother covering the clown? AOC always seems to have a bug up her backside, big deal. Lauren Boebert has moved on from Colorado’s third district after four years to its fourth district. That’s actually one year less than it took her to move on from third to fourth grade. Half of the senate is so old they need to wear diapers and the rest act like brats still running around in them.

This dead period is also a good time to bone up on your local elections. Your city council and school boards are more likely to have a bigger impact on you than who our next president is. You might want to know where they stand on matters rather than blindly voting for a party. While you are at it, take some time and read up on the state measures on your ballet. Most are going to cost taxpayers more money and will pay an oversight board handsomely to oversee whatever it is you think you were sold.

Something we all need to get over are trans athletes. Believe it or not, they are people too, and have feelings. Yes, they may well have an advantage when it comes to sports, but they do not need to be ostracized while idiots you elected to your school board make policies. Walk into any Louisiana classroom and read the Ten Commandments. Most of us have our hands full following them and do not need to be putting our energies toward what others are doing.

Try giving immigration a break as well. Can you name any high paying jobs legal or illegal immigrants are taking? They are doing the work privileged white kids have been raised to believe is beneath them. Change that thinking and then you will change our immigration problem. Allow your teen to clean bathrooms, bus tables, work hotel housekeeping, and the countless other jobs white people think they are too good to do. They may even try earning some money before racking up college debt.

This is also a good time to ask yourself why is it that Donald Trump keeps surrounding himself with people of questionable character when he claims to only hire the best? Why has his former spiritual advisor admitted to an “inappropriate” relationship with a 12-year-old girl? Why have so many of his closest advisors ended up in prison? Why has he supported those convicted in the January 6th events meant to overthrow our government? Why has he blamed “the system” for his conviction while our current president, Joe Biden, supports it even though his son was convicted of a gun possession crime?

It’s nice to never be held accountable for anything, but come on, face reality. What are the odds that all our problems are the fault of others? Why can’t you admit your sorry life is the end result of your choices and not immigrants, NATO members, the Far Left, electric cars, or the LGBTQ community? Could it be because the orange idol you are not to worship according to those Ten Do’s and Don’ts has convinced you it is alright to blame?

It’s the dead season, so now is a great time to actually ponder matters without the aid of sensational headlines, funny memes, or influencers who are ten pounds of crap in a five-pound sack. Try and think for yourself and ignore all talking heads. Cut through the BS and find neutral sources that simply report facts. Believe it or not, they still exist. Use those few remaining brain cells and try figuring out what to think and believe without the help from smug white ass kissers at FOX News.

While you’re at it, ignore attending your mega church. If you are not sure whether you attend one, just see if your pastor has had any inappropriate relationships with minors or members of his flock. See how much of your tithings went to paying off victims. How lavish of a life does your pastor enjoy while you struggle to pay your bills? You won’t go to hell if you take a break, but you might have a religious epiphany and realize Jesus was not a slick talking white man with a neatly trimmed beard and expensive suit.

Give of yourself to others in need rather than judge them for who they are. If they are hungry, feed them. If they are short a few bucks at the checkout counter, help them out. Invest in those who have a future and outlook you want to see more people have. Pay it forward rather than worrying about who’s in the rear-view mirror or what’s around the corner.

Mostly, the dead season is a great time to examine the community you live in rather than be directed by headlines meant to rile you up. Who’s on tour is less important than how your neighbor is doing. Most important, remember the golden rule and be guided by it rather than what others want you to think. A few little things can go a long way to making life better for everyone.

The dead season has far more life to offer if you allow it. Best of all, the new lives you find can carry over when life returns to its normal chaotic and social media fueled ways. Think of this as the best time, and not the New Year, to resolve to pursue new ways, new interests, and a new you.

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