Go After Trump and the MAGA Cult, not Joe Biden

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“Mr. President Biden! For the sake of Donald J. Trump and the MAGA Republican Party! Step aside! Resign! Let someone else run for president on the Democratic ticket!”

What bugs me more than Joe Biden having a bad debate Thursday evening, is the hand-wringing and over-the-top negativity coming from some key Democrats, including most of the talking heads hired by the two news channels to analyze politics.

Shortly after the debate former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill said she and her contacts on the Democratic side of the aisle felt like  “…we are confronting a crisis tonight.”

The New York Times editorial board was the first to publish an opinion column calling on President Biden to step aside, stating it’s the greatest public service he can perform right now. Four months before the 2024 general election. It was published so quickly after the debate it is obvious it was written before Biden and Trump took the stage. In fact all the anti-Biden Democrats were so quick to call for Biden stepping aside it was clear they were just waiting for a good excuse to go more public.

Ah the hand-wringing … Even Bill Maher, who reminded everyone tuning into his program on Friday that he has been telling his audiences Biden needed to step aside for a long, long time.

Despite Biden’s incredible record as president — it’s almost funny. Biden’s critics in the Democratic Party like to start their denunciation of the president by citing his great record on infrastructure, the climate crisis, negotiating prices for high priced medications like insulin, student debt relief, historic expansion of veteran benefits, and of course rescuing the economy and handling the pandemic.

But he’s no longer capable to be president and needs to go.

Even more disgusting than this anti-Biden sentiment is the immediate rejection of Kamala Harris as his successor. Of course, if President Biden resigns before the Democratic National Convention she can finish out the president’s term and then, well, duke it out with other qualified candidates who, wouldn’t you know it, the anti-Biden crowd just happen to have prepared dossiers of (better) qualified people ready to step in after Biden steps out. Better qualified, i.e. liked, by the voting populace than Vice President Kamala Harris.

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I’ve been disgusted with the Democratic Party ever since it conceded the 1980s to Ronald Reagan and the Religious  Right-controlled GOP, the people who demonized men and women who contracted AIDS, the creeps who began pushing efforts to overturn Roe v Wade, the very people who want to turn this nation into a Christian theocracy, sort of like Iran, but just a different religious persuasion.

My disgust continued when President Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party thought it was a good idea to adopt some of the GOP’s punitive measures to strip way the social safety net. Which started in earnest when the GOP and Ronald Reagan convinced people there was such a thing called a “welfare queen.” And the “welfare queens” depicted were always black women. The only example of the so-called welfare queen wasn’t emblematic of the people who relied on the welfare system, but one very accomplished con artist.

The Democratic Party disgusted me in 2004 with its poor choice of a presidential candidate and his — and the party’s —  decision not to go harder, much harder, at President George W. Bush, especially after the Swift Boat fraud was perpetrated on the voting public. That was such a lackluster presidential campaign, it felt like the Democrats weren’t even trying. And that was after the party pushed aside former Vermont Governor and physician Howard Dean because, and this is galling, he was too progressive and energetic …

His exuberant speech and cheer to his supporters in Iowa was just the excuse Democratic Party hacks needed to sink his candidacy and make way for the junior senator from Massachusetts, John Kerry.

People can be prosecuted for making false claims about their military history, or lack thereof, but a person, or group of people, can make false claims about another person’s with impunity.

The point is, the swift boat assholes got away with their lies, just like Trump and his MAGA Cult are getting away with their lies.

Donald J. Trump is a convicted felon who has been found liable for sexually assaulting a woman and hit with almost a half billion dollars in fines due to his and his company’s fraud. And yet many in the liberal chattering class and big doners are calling for President Biden to step aside, not Trump.

Here’s one more factoid we should consider as these so-called experts and big donors call for Biden to be replaced: there is precedent for the party’s president and leading presidential candidate being replaced. Harry Truman by Adlai Stevenson II in 1952. Lyndon B. Johnson by Hubert Humphrey in 1968. Here’s the part the “experts” and donors never say, not once — NOT ONCE — has replacing the party’s candidate for president proven to be successful. Never. There is zero evidence replacing Joe Biden with someone else could actually work. None, Zero. Zilch. It has never happened before and the idea shows no evidence of success in 2024. We might as well concede the 2024 general election to Trump and the MAGA GOP right now.

Thankfully there are influential members of the Democratic Party who agree: The best chance of winning the general election, and maybe expanding control of the U.S. Senate and regain control of the House of Representatives, is for Joe Biden to be the presidential candidate on November 5. People like South Carolina Representative James Clyburn, House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and the smartest, most political savvy Democrat in my lifetime, Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi.

The GOP has wrapped itself around a conman and convicted felon. They have told the world they are okay with sexual assault, fraud, anti-rule of law, and just plain dishonesty and mendacity. And lest I forget, racism. But racists have always buried in the hyper conservative movement, with the hyper wealthy, the people who have paid for the hyper-conservative justices on the U.S. Supreme Court.

It is said money buys access and power, but more importantly it buys ownership. For years many seemingly cynical people have been talking about the people who actually own America. The late, great comedian George Carlin probably said it best.

“It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.”

I never wanted to believe the idea that a small cadre of hyper wealthy men owned America, but the latest news about the buying of Supreme Court justices … well, that confirms it.

Here it is, July 1, and the big talk on TV is still the “should Biden step aside” story. To all the people still pushing that narrative: Shut up, finally. Either fall in line and support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, or sit on the sidelines, keep your traps shut and watch.

Go after the man who brags about ending health care autonomy for women, the rates of infant mortality and maternal mortality rates are on the rise because of it. Trump and MAGA want to take away your rights to use contraception , they want to make the U.S. a theocracy, much like Iran So they are anti-LGBTQ+. And they want this country to be run by a dictator, and to deconstruct the administrative state.

Once again remind everyone that the MAGA GOP’s presidential candidate tried to overthrow a legal and fair election and that he, Donald J. Trump, is a convicted criminal and the MAGA GOP has embraced criminality — the MAGA GOP up and down the line, from the federal level down to the state and local levels. Which should remind everyone the MAGA GOP is the real cancel culture, with their book bans and attacks on libraries and librarians.

Biden and the Democrats want to strengthen our relationships with our partners in NATO and other alliances. And Trump and the MAGA Cult are against those relationships.

Once again: Trump is a criminal and the MAGA GOP has embraced criminality. That cannot be pointed out too much.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled presidents, at least Trump, are immune from prosecution for official acts. So goes the legal plank that defined the United States of America, “no one is above the law,” is now gone. The president will not be deterred by the rule of law.

There is so much the Democrats could be using to go after Trump and the MAGA GOP instead of trying to get Joe Biden off the presidential ticket.  Despite his age, or maybe because of his age, Joe Biden is the best candidate for the election on November 5. The sake of the nation — and the world — depends on the U.S. putting out the anti-law and order, anti-women, anti-science MAGA GOP.

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