Hollywood Fringe Festival returns

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The Hollywood Fringe Festival is here once again. A collection of art on stage the is not intended to entertain your children, but to entertain and inform your adult mind. Not that there’s anything wrong with the kids movies that fill the local multiplex movie theaters. 

The Fringe Festival presents productions that explore the themes in our own lives, often the untold secret conversations we have in our heads that we would never reveal to anyone. It shines the lights on the stories that live with us forever, from our college days and beyond. Adult topics, adult language, adult entertainment.

Not to be confused with the other adult entertainment we associate with the term.

Adult entertainment like the work shop titled Fringe Prom 2019. Changing the high school prom to a dance party for adults. Or a look at climate change in Octopi Wall Street. Then there’s Harold Pinter’s A Night Out.

If you’re looking for more star power, a production of Alan Ball’s one-act comedy, Power Lunch. You might remember the film her wrote, American Beauty, or his hit HBO series Six Feet Under and True Blood. So we know it will be edgy.

We can say that about everything presented in the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It will be edgy, much of it will be funny, others will be dramatic, and a mixture of both. Men have voices in the festival as do women. 

There are productions that defy description and others that are accurately described as gripping. How about an Asian student wishing to have supportive white parents? Or four L.A. women waiting for an Uber after a Halloween Night in a bar.

That is just the tip of the iceberg for this year’s festival. If you like weird shit, you’ll find it in the Hollywood Fringe. Look over it all here. The Hollywood Fringe Festival begins June 13 and runs through June 30, at various venues around Los Angeles.