Hollywood Health Hike set for April

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BURBANK, CA   Ron Irwin shall lead his 4th annual Hollywood Health Hike from Burbank to Hollywood, California on the morning of Sunday April 29th 2018.  The hike steps off from Kangan Water World in Burbank, CA at exactly 8:00 a.m. and ends at approximately Noon at the Delphine Restaurant in Hollywood a distance of 14.2 miles on the route used.  The Ron Irwin Hollywood Health Hike is for two primary purposes.  One is to draw attention to and launch a sustained fight against the deadly disease of obesity that is sweeping our world.  The other is to salute American military veterans.  Previous hikes have included television and music star Johnny Crawford, international radio host Ellis Martin and theatrical producer Donald Russell but absolutely everyone is invited.  There are no sign up fees, registration fees or fees or donations of any kind required.  The only cost is for your lunch should you want it at the Delphine at the end of the hike.

The inspiration for this event occurred in 2012 when Irwin dropped dead in his home from the consequences of severe obesity leading to Heart Failure and diabetes. On the 3rd day of his 26 days in hospital as Ron was in a coma in ICU a physician told his family that “IF” he survived he would have to be put in a home because he [Irwin] would never walk again.  That pronouncement is what lit his fire and led to the first Hollywood Health Hike in 2015 after he had shed over 100 pounds and regained a true commitment to good health.  This 4th health hike also celebrates Ron’s 73rd birthday.

His inclusion of a special recognition of American military veterans came from his recent visit to the MCAS Miramar Air Show in September of 2017. He along with a few hundred other Vietnam veterans were honored for their service and that along with seeing an airplane on the ground there that he had last seen in Chu Lai, Vietnam in 1967; those experiences brought back a flood of memories and a deeper understanding of just how much so many American men and women have given of themselves in service to our nation.

Ron Irwin has committed to donating 20% of all net proceeds, split equally between the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Vietnam Veterans of America, received from sale of the following items:

  1. The sale of the book Hollywood Health Hike which details the route of the hike with many photographs.  It may be purchased at:  http://www.lulu.com/shop/ron-irwin/hollywood-health-hike/paperback/product-23263511.html.
  2. The sale of any art work by Ron Irwin which may be viewed at:  http://www.ronirwin.net/ArtbyRonIrwin.html.
  3. The sale of any book written by Ron Irwin available at:  http://www.ronirwin.net/BooksbyRon.html.

“I sincerely believe that this little event now serves two extremely important causes; everyone’s good health and a recognition of the immense value our military veterans through their service and sacrifice bring to our great nation.  And happily it is also a lot of fun.”

The only pre-event action requested is that all who intend to participate please simply send an email to: helloronirwin@gmail.com with your name, the number of people who may come with you and whether or not you intend to stay for lunch at the Delphine.  This also provides a means to contact hikers in the extremely unlikely event of a change or cancellation.