Immigrants, welcome to America

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Dear Earnest Foreigner,

If you aspire to come to this great nation, please be prepared to be rudely awakened by some of the aspects keeping us from advancing our culture. You are probably better versed on our own history because you actually learned it in your schools. Still, there are some things you might want to make note of before making the leap to moving here.

A teacher speaks out at a school board meeting and explains how inappropriate it is for her district to give the superintendent a $39,000.00 a year pay raise only to be cuffed and forcibly removed. So much for free speech.

Donald Trump demands our government fund his wall, you know, the one he said he was going to make Mexico pay for and then tells us he is going to reexamine our libel laws, saying he does not think people should profit off of their lies, especially when it is in the form of a book blasting him. I wonder if Trump celebrated his 2,000th lie since becoming president. Honesty is pointless.

Mark Wahlberg is paid 1000 times more money than his female costar, Michelle Williams, for reshoots of scenes in a movie that I doubt will have zero social value. Forget about equal pay for equal work that does nothing to advance mankind.

The push for increasing minimum wage is resulting in low level employees being laid off of work to help balance the soon to be increased cost of employers to continue underpaying workers. Profits at any cost.

Defenders of our Liar-in-Chief want to know why no one is talking about Hillary Clinton anymore because their party has not been able to argue any accomplishments for two decades and are finding life at the top is a bit uncomfortable when your self-described genius boss is a train wreck of a human. Expect accusations instead of honest answers.

Some clown from a mega church admits in a service he had sex with a minor 20 years ago and he gets a standing ovation. However, if you wear a burka in public or have a name like Hakeem, you are a threat to the future of this nation. Worship at your own risk.

If you have a successful show on television and you happen to be a conservative Christian outside it, expect others to demand the network that carries your show to drop it or have their advertisers face a boycott. So much for having an open mind.

Awards shows really are not about honoring talent as much as they are about giving over paid artists one more chance to stand up in front of a camera and tell the world how to live their lives. Talk is cheap and listening is rare.

College is not free unless you play a sport. However, if you play a sport, you do not have time to focus on your studies because you are told you were brought in to play a game. At the same time, student athletes are not paid to play and are not allowed to hold a job while on scholarship, but if you are a regular student, you have to work full time to pay for your education.

If you choose not to go to college, you are told you are making a mistake even though those who graduate with a degree are left to pay off huge loans. The moral of all this is if you want to go to college, do so as a football coach or school president so you can laugh your way to the bank off of the backs of young people.

If you expect to breathe clean air, have access to affordable health care, and be able to use first rate public transportation, stay in your home country. We care more about pot than potholes, are beholden to Big Oil and Big Pharma, and would prefer to sit in traffic alone in our cars so no one can see the porn we are looking at on our phones. Land of the free, home of the depraved.

Of course, I suppose none of this matters if you come from one of those shit hole countries our little orange leader despises.