Hollywood Health Hike a success

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Saturday, April 30th 2016 Ron Irwin led his second annual Hollywood Health Hike in his never ending war against obesity, diabetes and heart disease; conditions that nearly ended Irwin’s life in 2012. The walk began at Kangan Water World on San Fernando Boulevard in Burbank, California and ended at the W Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood; a distance of 14 miles on the chosen route.

Joining Irwin on this Hollywood Health Hike were TV and film star Johnny Crawford, radio talk show producer and host Ellis Martin and his wife Athina Plakoudi, film producer, stunt man and renowned martial artist Zak Lee, TV actor and theatrical producer Donald Russell and his friend Maria. Also joining the group at the Delphine Restaurant for the post hike luncheon was emerging young star 8 year old Somaya Isis and the lovely Nenita Irwin, Ron’s wife.

The whole point of this annual event is to show by actual demonstration how anyone can take life saving measures to prevent or eliminate obesity which is currently sweeping the world as a burgeoning and deadly epidemic. With obesity almost always comes the deadly duo of diabetes and heart disease. And the powerful and cogent point Irwin makes is that if he in his seventies along with several top celebrities can get up and walk 14 miles to gain and maintain far better health and longer stronger life, indeed pretty much anyone can do so.

But the Hollywood Health Hike is by no means limited to movie stars; absolutely everyone interested is welcome to join the hike. The next Hollywood Health Hike will be on April 30th, 2017. To get involved and stay informed simply express your interest by emailing: drcommunicator@Gmail.com. There are no donations or fees of any kind required or requested to participate. This is simply about people helping themselves and others by real world example get and stay healthy.