Hooters to open biggest restaurant at Palms Las Vegas

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Hooters is spreading its wings, according to senior management for Hooters America, and Las Vegas will soon be home to the largest such franchise at the Palms Casino in May. The Los Angeles Post-Examiner spoke with Mark Whittle, senior vice president of global development for Hooters of America.

Hooters slogan  “Hoot Loud Hoot Proud” could be said of Vegas. Is that a reason why Hooters is about to open its largest chain restaurant in the world right here?

You have to go big or go home in Vegas! The Hooters at Palms is a franchise operated by Tyler NV, LLC.

Pool at the Palms Resort-Casino Las Vegas
Pool at the Palms Resort-Casino Las Vegas

Can you tell us more about Hooters Las Vegas location alongside the Palms Pool?

Aside from being the world’s largest Hooters, our newest location at Palms Casino Resort will feature the contemporary design elements that represent the future of the Hooters brand. From entertainment and great food to unmatched Hooters Girls hospitality, Hooters at Palms has everything covered.

The bar will look out over the Palms Pool & Dayclub. Could you tell us more about Hooters location alongside the Palms Pool?

Aside from being the world’s largest Hooters, our newest location at Palms Casino Resort will feature the contemporary design elements that represent the future of the Hooters brand. The world’s largest Hooters fuses our celebrated beach oasis heritage with a fresh, modern look. It features the latest contemporary comfort design elements such as sleek finishes, high back seating, comfortable booths and top-of-the-line AV packages. The new location really does mirror the fun-loving persona of our brand.

The pool at the Palms is known as a place to have fun. How will Hooters enrich that?

What better way to experience the notorious Palms Pool scene than be surrounded by beautiful Hooters Girls? Our number one goal is to ensure our guests have a fun experience every time they visit, no matter the location, but with the Palms “Ditch Fridays” pool parties and other energetic events, Hooters will only enhance the scene.

What about the dining experience at the new location?

The 15,200 square foot Hooters at Palms will offer an exceptional dining experience with seating for more than 500 guests. Our expansive poolside bar overlooks the Luxe Palms Pool and our main two-story dining room promises to deliver an unforgettable experience to visitors of the entertainment capital of the world.

Hooters wings, the signature dish of the chain.
Hooters wings, the signature dish of the chain.

Will the restaurant carry the same menu as the other restaurants in the chain or is it going Vegas with its own signature dishes and drinks?

Hooters at Palms guests can enjoy the same craveable Hooters menu options available at our other locations, but we’re proud to add an impressive raw bar to our Palms menu lineup.  Our menu items include signature Hooters appetizers, fresh entrée salads, a delicious selection of hand-formed burgers and specialty sandwiches as well as great seafood dishes. Let’s not forget our world-famous traditional and boneless chicken wings with Buffalo sauce favorites and signature Hooters sauces and rubs. In addition to food, both our poolside bar and centrally located indoor bar offer a wide selection of cocktails, craft beer and wine options.

How many employees is the restaurant going to employ?

We’ll have no less than 150 beautiful Hooters Girls on hand to serve up our world-famous wings and ice-cold beverages. Hooters Girls are the cornerstone of our brand and the essence of what keeps our guests coming back.

HootersGirls_wingsIs there going to be a Las Vegas Hooters calendar?

Vegas has been home to our beloved swimsuit calendar shoots in the past, but we have no plans for a stand-alone Las Vegas Hooters Calendar just yet. For Hooters fans who can’t get enough of our beautiful ladies in Orange Shorts, the 2015 Hooters Calendar is available for purchase year round at http://www.hooterscalendar.com/

Sports are an important part of the Hooters experience. Tell us more about Hooters sports.

We’re proud to be one of the world’s most beloved sports-viewing destinations. From football and basketball to soccer and UFC, our sports buffs can catch their favorite games no matter where they’re seated. Nearly 50 high definition flat-screen TV’s are positioned throughout the Palms location, guaranteeing fans will never miss a play. In addition to world-famous chicken wings, Hooters offers menu items like Buffalo chicken dip and Tex Mex nachos to give our diehard sports fans the craveable food that keeps them coming back for more. Not to mention that dozens of sports figures famously choose Hooters as their pregame or post-game grub spot — 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick, Texans safety DJ Swearinger, Denver Broncos players and Louisville Cardinal Kevin Ware, just to name a few.

Does Hooters reflect Todd Greenberg’s (President and CEO of the Palms casino) excitement about the opening?

Absolutely! The Hooters at Palms dining destination is the perfect complement to the Palms Casino Resort, renowned for its expansive entertainment capabilities and famed pool parties.

Palms SignWhat do you have planned for your opening date?

We’ll provide more details as they’re available, but if one thing’s for sure, it will be a great time!

If you had to sum it up, what do you feel is Hooters’ persona?

At Hooters, the game is on, the beer is cold and the Hooters Girls are smiling. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about dishing up delicious food in a laid back environment. How many other restaurants can say people visit just for fun? Hooters makes you happy.

We know Hooters is excited about its plans for the future. Tell us about where Hooters is headed.

Hooters is accelerating its growth of new restaurants and is actively seeking qualified franchise partners to open new locations in select markets across the U.S. and around the globe, more information is available at http://franchising.hooters.com. We will also open the largest international Hooters in Pattaya, Thailand, later this summer and continue to “spread our wings” across the globe with plans to open 150 new locations around the world in the next five years!