How to choose a dinette set for your garden

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Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Do you dream of sitting among the flowers and trees in your garden in the warm summer sun, cool autumn breezes, or the freshness of spring? You can enjoy your garden in a new way almost year-round by getting a dinette set for your garden. These small dining sets are traditionally placed in kitchens and breakfast nooks, but if you keep a few key things in mind, you can also use them for your garden as well.

Look for the right size and construction

Start by looking for dining furniture that will fit comfortably in your garden. It can be easy to overestimate the amount of space you have available for a dining table and chairs in your outdoor space, but taking careful measurements and checking table dimensions will go a long way toward making sure that you can sit comfortably.

You should also pay close attention to what the dining table and chairs are made of. They should be of a solid construction that can still be easily moved and will stand up to the elements. Metal chairs fair the best in poor weather conditions and storms, but you can also get a chair with a metal frame and appropriate upholstery.

Choosing chairs with Scotch-guarded polyester upholstery that is spill and stain resistant will weather well during mild fall and spring rains. Indoor furniture made of wood is not weather treated, and therefore inappropriate for outdoor use. However, some wood furniture can be weather treated as an easy DIY project.

Choose the right style

It is fairly normal these days for a home to have one look on the outside, but be decorated in a completely different style inside. Since the dining set is going to be placed in your outdoor garden, it should blend seamlessly with the style of your home’s exterior, even if it doesn’t match the furniture indoors.

If your interior design is much different than the feel of your garden, you might need to make the foyer or entry a transitional space. For example, if your garden resembles the dainty and prolific gardens of the deep south, you might want a delicate café style dinette table and chairs for your garden. But if your home’s interior is primarily a modern or industrial design, placing contemporary or transitional furnishings and décor near your entry can help soften the transition.

Budget-friendly dinettes for your garden

While there are dining sets made specifically for outdoor use, such furniture can come with a hefty price tag. Indoor furniture will always cost less than outdoor, even though some dinettes labeled for indoor use can work for your garden as well. Shopping for small indoor dining sets of appropriate construction can give you many more budget-friendly options.

To save even more, shop online furniture retailers for the lowest prices. You should also look for a dinette set that you can purchase with coupons. Online furniture stores have more frequent sale events, as well as offer large clearance sections year-round. You can also typically get free delivery by getting your dinette online rather than in your local furniture store.