How to Dress for a Business Dinner

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A significant portion of adult life is spent at the workplace. This could be on the premises of your workplace, or even off-site business meetings. Going to work being an essential part of life, you need to incorporate it fully into your plans, and this includes even the wardrobe. To create the right impression among colleagues, business partners, and clients, you must dress in a way that conveys professionalism.

While that may be the case, it is also worth noting that different office events call for different outfits. Say you have been invited for a business dinner, what would you wear? Here is some inspiration for the business event that will make you stand out.

A watch

Just because you are not allowed to attend a business dinner wearing sandals does not mean that your outfit cannot be lively. You can mark the occasion with a Rolex watch. A good watch can make a statement and complement your outfit at the event. More so, it can be a tool for clearing the air: a compliment from your boss will make the event less tense. 

You must, however, be picky when choosing the watch for a business event. Not every style will go. For instance, the sporty watches with rubber and plastic bands should be left at home. Metal and leather straps will do. Also, do not wear a dramatic watch, if you want to maintain a classy look at the table: you do not want to be the center of attention. That is what bold watches do; they are distracting.

Long-sleeved dresses and shirts

Short-sleeved dresses should not be seen anywhere near the company dinner. The same goes for sleeveless dresses and blouses in the case of women. Also, the other important point to note when wearing dresses or skirts to a business dinner, is that you should maintain a hemline that is below the knees.

For men, short-sleeved shirts may also not be the most appropriate. With this in mind, you will be able to maintain professionalism, and at the same time, stay classy and stand out.

Heels for the ladies, and formal shoes for the gents

The kind of shoes you wear to a business dinner matters. You want to create a lasting impression and awe anyone who will be in attendance. Therefore, you cannot afford to be careless about this. For the ladies, you do not have to wear five-inch heels to pull the formal dinner look. A slightly lower heel will work: more so, it will give you the comfort you need during the entire event. Your shoe should be closed and simple without dramatic ornaments. Remember that simplicity is the uttermost form of sophistication.

For the gents, the shoes you wore to work during the day will still work for this event. All you need to do is to ensure that your pair is nicely polished, and it matches your belt. 


Do not shy away from wearing jewelry if you love it. A statement necklace or ring will make your black dress stand out. However, several rules apply when choosing jewelry to wear to a business occasion. The big cultural earrings and bangles you bought at the flea market should stay at home and wait for a picnic. Avoid dramatic earrings, necklaces, and rings. Simple pearl or precious stone earrings will create a statement without distracting your colleagues.

Your dress code is an opportunity for you to express your personality and style. Business dinner outfits should not stray far away from your every day formal wear. Also, remember to be comfortable: you do not want to wish the company dinner ends because your heels are straining your feet.