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How to Prepare your Teen To Drive and Rules you need to have

The thought of many of our teens driving is one of terror for parents as some teenagers can be easily distracted or are glued to their phones. The first rule of driving needs to be no texting or talking on the phone at all. This can be a decision that impacts life very positively or negatively as plenty of people are injured and die annually from distracted driving due to their smartphone. Urge your teen to be responsible and put rules in place that will help contribute to them driving safely. The following are ways to prepare your teen to drive and rules that can reduce the chances of an accident occurring.

Limit The Amount Of People They Are Allowed To Have In Car

The more people in a car at once the louder and more potential for distraction that there is. This could involve loud music or trying to take selfies to share on social media as a group. The distractions are quite numerous so for the first year of your teen driving limit the number of people they can have in their car. One other passenger is fine but also get permission from the parents of this friend that they are fine with your teen driving them around.

If Involved In An Accident, Do Not Admit Fault

You need to let your teen know what to do in case of an accident as it is a very stressful moment. The Injury Lawyer San Antonio TX notes that you should not take fault for the accident even if you think it is your fault. Simply recount what you saw happening and do not offer what you think happened. With other witnesses this should be easier to put together as admitting fault can lead to the officer responding just giving you the ticket. Otherwise they will do an investigation so just make sure to let them know not to speak with anyone until you get there.

Adhere To State Curfew Laws

Make sure that your teen is adhering to state curfew laws as this can lead to them losing their license. Using the law to help make the rules can be great as many of these curfews are around 10 to 11PM. This will help you avoid conflict if your teen wants to take the car out on the weekend. They will have to be home by curfew in these circumstances as nothing good happens after certain hours as generations of parents have stated.

An Uber Or Uncomfortable Phone Call Is Far Better Than A DUI

Getting an Uber or calling you for help needs to be done if your teen is impaired. These uncomfortable situations are far better than a DUI and having to go pick your teen up at jail. This also comes with immense fines as well as possible jail time for your teen which is going to be a reality check. Combine this with soaring insurance rates and your teen might not be able to drive at all as you should not for any reason put their insurance under your plan.

Your teen driving can allow you to have more free time to yourself instead of playing chauffeur. Set them up for driving success using the tips above!

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