Problem Teens: Common Issues You Can Face With A Rebellious Teen

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The teenage years for some parents differ immensely between children with one being a no problem at all but the other could be a nightmare. Teens want independence and are in a very confusing time in their lives. This is a time where you are expected to act like an adult but are not treated like an adult. There are common issues that parents and teens disagree about that you need to have a game plan for as a parent. The following are common issues that you can face with a rebellious teen.

Driving Reckless

Driving reckless can change the life of your teen as well as the life of another person if they cause an accident. The last thing anyone wants is to be dropped from insurance due to a massive crash caused by reckless driving. A good accident attorney will have a field day with this especially if you have not told your teen what to do immediately after an accident. Injury compensation being high enough can make your rates skyrocket. Teach your teen to not drive recklessly or take away their privilege to drive.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse can impact a teen no matter what social group they are in or what their hobbies are. A parent’s job is to observe their teen to make sure they are not falling into this dark trap. Not only can substance abuse impact grades and health poorly, there are be legal consequences as well. Educating your teen about drugs is important as what is taught in school is not doing the job in most cases. Teen marijuana usage in states where recreational marijuana is legal is actually down. Alcohol is the most abused drug so make sure that you see your teen as they come home every day. Alcohol can be tough to hide due to its smell and impact on behavior.

Skipping School

Skipping school does happen with many teens with some days being planned by a class or a small group of friends. Friends that are doing well in school tend not to do this as unexcused absences impact being able to skip certain exams. Substance abuse can be a huge part of skipping school as taking the day to get high or drunk is common with certain teens.

Staying Out Later Than Curfew

Curfew has been an issue between teens and parents forever which is only going to continue. Parents are lucky in the respect that some states have limits on what times teens can drive unless it is from or to work/school. This can lead to a teen losing their driving privileges or fines depending on number of times they are caught. Taking away the car if they keep missing curfew should be done as there should be a consequence. This doesn’t mean curfew cannot bend as special events like prom or a birthday warrant different rules.

Teen and parents are always going to have issues but remember that his is such a strange time in their lives. A little compromise with a teen can actually go quite a long way!