In Love with Vegas? Check out all These Incredible Attractions Nearby

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Despite being a city in the desert, Las Vegas is known for endless fun, partying, and other forms of entertainment. Vegas is a sparkling city full of bright lights and recreations of glamorous icons/sites from major cities all over the world.

The majority of its hotels are tourist attractions in themselves, featuring free enjoyable street sideshows. These entail erupting volcanoes, dancing fountains, and so much more. That’s not all; you will also come across breathtaking museums, countless shows, and an endless list of things that are incredible attractions for tourists.

Moreover, Las Vegas has no high or low season. You can visit the place and enjoy yourself any time during the year. The mild winter temperatures are ideal for sightseeing.

During summertime, Vegas temperatures can rise to 104+ degrees Fahrenheit. As such, the swimming pools in most of the hotels can be ideal for cooling down your body.

Experience Fremont Street

Fremont Street, situated in downtown Las Vegas is a designated pedestrian area full of numerous unique attractions. There is a five-block area on this street engulfed with a canopy consisting entirely of LED lights. The differently colored lights all combine to form a spectacle illumination of the sky that is a sight to behold.

This spectacle is called the “Fremont Street Experience,” and every night, a marvelous visual & musical show occurs overhead as you watch from underneath. There are also various outdoor street entertainment acts for tourists to enjoy. This area is close to the Vegas Strip, just a few kilometers away.

Chopper Ride to the Grand Canyon & over Las Vegas

Are you looking for a marvelous aerial view of the Grand Canyon, or even the city of Las Vegas? Most visitors would opt for a chopper ride. Numerous companies within Las Vegas provide tours via helicopters.

They offer visitors a ride over this fantastic city as well as the Strip.

In your next Las Vegas trip, plan setting aside a day just for a six-and-a-half-hour helicopter tour to the Grand Canyon. You will have a truly fabulous time.

Colosseum and Caesar’s Palace

Caesar’s Palace is arguably one of the most renown hotel resorts within Las Vegas. What’s more, this attraction is in the perpetual developing process. Presently, the palace is located at the center of the Strip, fully packed with any imaginable form of entertainment.

This hotel is highly associated with performances held within its humongous concert hall called “The Colosseum.” Some of the most prolific performers usually perform in this venue. Most shows are often booked fully well in advance.

“In case you are a visitor intending to make a trip and witness a performance in this venue, it would be prudent to confirm dates & availability of tickets as early as possible. If you are a gambler, you can also enjoy many casino games at Caesar’s Palace”, says Mike Tan, Chief Editor at OnlineCasinoGems.

Gondolas & the Venetian Hotel

The Venetian hotel is situated on the Vegas Strip, just across the Treasure Island. This hotel is among the most classic resorts in Vegas. There are numerous alluring attractions for tourists.

Here you will find a beautifully themed shopping arena that resembles the city of Venice. You will also see the blue skies, gondolas, and canals. A ride on one of the gondolas is an exciting way to tour this complex.

The gondolas are located just outside the Venetian hotel, close to the sidewalk. You will see docked boats awaiting passengers to be taken on gondola rides via the shopping complex in the hotel.

The Venetian Hotel also has recreations of the primary attractions within the city of Venice. These include the Bridge of Sighs, the Rialto Bridge, and a lot more.

Eiffel Tower & Paris Hotel

Paris Las Vegas is one of the most recognized tourist destinations in Vegas. It is also situated in the Las Vegas Strip. At the front, you cannot fail to miss the Eiffel tower modeled to scale.

A short distance downwards, visitors can view a replica of Paris’ Opera House. At the height of 46 stories, the Eiffel tower acts as an observation deck offering 360-degree panoramic views. Just a floor below, you will find the romantic and elegant Eiffel tower restaurant, which provides a replica of Paris – the city of lovers.

From here, you get to enjoy marvelous views across the Bellagio Fountains as well as the Strip. Furthermore, there is an imitation of a hot air balloon that has been festooned using flashing neon lights.

Mirage Hotel

While in Vegas, it is very easy to identify the Mirage hotel, especially while taking a walk along the Strip. There is a volcano in front of the Strip that regularly erupts. During the night, the red flames shooting out are among the most thrilling sites you can view while on the sidewalk.

Within the Mirage, there is the Dolphin Habitat & Secret Garden. By visiting this place, you can observe numerous exotic animals like white lions and many others. You will also see trained dolphins within the Dolphin Habitat.

High Roller Ferris Wheel

The High Roller Ferris Wheel is situated just off the Strip at the terminal section of Linq Promenade. It has a height of around 550 feet and takes 30 minutes to complete one rotation. One cabin can accommodate around 40 people.

The Ferries wheel provides beautiful views above the Strip as well as the neighboring areas right from the capsules. The views are usually enjoyable at night when the city’s lights are in full blaze.

Closing Remarks

Apart from the above, you will find numerous other attractions such as the Mob Museum, The Mandalay Bay & the Shark Reef Aquarium, and the Neon Museum, among many others. Make a point of visiting these sites during your next Vegas trip, and enjoy a fun-filled and adventurous trip.